The Mindy Project Recap: Season 4, Episode 24

Oh boy, a lot happened this episode. Things in Jody and Mindy land are moving! I’m still meh about it? We’ll get to it.

We’ve got two major stories happening this episode: Mindy tries to make Leo into a child actor with the help of ridiculous Jeremy and Colette and Jody continue to fight over Jody’s new girlfriend.

Mindy finds an ad for a part for a biracial baby in Tides of Tomorrow (great soap opera name) and immediately plans to make Leo into a star. Leo is completely a star- this is the right move!

At the “audition,” Mindy meets another stage mom, Cathy, and I immediately don’t trust her. She offers rouge to Mindy for Leo’s cheeks (Leo would never need rouge) and I freaked out it was going to give him a rash or something? Luckily, that’s a little dark for the show, thank god.

Both Leo and Noah, shady Cathy’s baby, get picked for the part. When Jeremy finds out Leo got the part, he insists on preparing Leo (but mostly Mindy) for their day on set with a bunch of ridiculous rules about not causing drama.

As Mindy and Jeremy prepare for Leo’s big day, Drew checks in with Mindy and pretty obviously avoids coming over to avoid Leo. Mindy pretends not to notice, but we know better.

Meanwhile, poor Colette has switched work assignments with Morgan to avoid assisting Jody. In the process, she gets stuck with Mindy who expects a more holistic approach to how she’s served, including, of course, 200 hair brush strokes a day.

You have to be REAL mad with Jody to choose assisting Mindy instead. Why is she so mad? Who cares if Courtney isn’t amazing- they’re not getting married!

Anyways, poor Colette keeps failing amazingly for Mindy- like trying to staple a picture of Leo to a cake when Mindy asks for his face to be on it. Oh, Colette. You have so much to learn.

On the set of Tides of Tomorrow, Leo gets chosen over Noah! He’s actually perfect for the ridiculous scene where a blonde woman tells her blonde husband she hasn’t been taking the baby to the tanning salon. He isn’t his! It was amazing and completely would be a real plot point in a soap opera.

Post filming, shady stage mom Cathy tricks Mindy into giving notes to the head writer about an overused plot point. No, Mindy! No!

He does not take it well so despite her obliviousness, it’s pretty obvious they’re going to replace Leo with Noah, which they do. Before Mindy realizes what’s happened, she plans a watch party for the office- really she makes Colette plan an Arizona themed party which is hysterical.

“John McCain? Old people! Pool noodles? Meth?”

Colette reaches her Mindy assisting boiling point and yells about how Mindy doesn’t need a nurse, she needs a wife. Mindy tells Colette she should go back to Jody – Courtney is fine and at least it’s better than sleeping with his sister-in-law.

Oops! Of course Colette didn’t know that, Mindy! Colette goes to yell at Jody only for them to be interrupted by Forbes, their peace making brother. You know, the one who’s wife Jody had an affair with.

Colette comes off as a brat to poor unsuspecting Forbes, so Jody stands up for her and confesses his affair. Yikes, he deserved the punch Forbes gives him.

Sad Jody comes to Colette to try to mend their relationship and she tells him he could just do so much better than Courtney. This is very nice, but just let him date a nice girl! Nothing really gets resolved but Jody and Colette make up. Hooray!

Back at Mindy’s apartment, Drew is visiting, still talking about football recruits, when Mindy catches him in a lie about having watched Leo on Tides of Tomorrow. She asks him why is he avoiding Leo and he says probably the worst thing ever?

“I put my time in with Leo over the weekend. I’d like to have some time to focus on us.”

YIKES, boy bye. She dumps him on the spot (fair) and the next day finds comfort in Jody who watched the episode on his own and is very upset for Leo.

She’s so into how into Leo he is that she kisses him out of the blue. He doesn’t really kiss her back? It was weird?

So now that’s out there! My thoughts on this whole thing are not the happiest.

You know I hate to be mean about my favorite show. (Uh, and especially since the writers seem to hate recappers so much.) (What is that about? Don’t you make the show for people to consume and discuss?)

But this week’s plot with Drew felt super lazy to me! They had just tried to make us like him to just all of a sudden make him kind of awful with no foundation to support it? Since when was he not into Leo? Last week he wanted to hang! It just felt both too contrived and too easy.

I mean, I know they’re juxtaposing a bunch of things Mindy doesn’t want next to Jody giving her what she wants and that’s great and all. But is it ever that easy?

Also, that kiss was the absolute worst. I want to pull for Mindy and Jody despite my better instincts because I really like Jody so much! But yowzer that kiss had no chemistry. Maybe it was the bandages?

We’ve got two episodes left to up the drama factor here and I hope they use them to make me care one way or the other. If they use this as a way to get rid of Jody though, I’ll be PISSED.

Some important weekly things:

Outfit of the Episode:

  • It was a close tie between the retro pant suit and this sweater dress, but when I saw it with the bag and the shoes, we had an immediate winner:

*Image source:

 Favorite Jokes I Almost Missed

  • Lol Mindy made Tamra go to her high school reunion as her.
  • “What’s next? Directing? Nah, that’s a man’s job.”
  • “Yes, I accidentally took the Greek boy from daycare once but they have the same olive skin.”

*Feature Image source: Originally seen on; Hulu

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