Three Years with Malcolm

Malcolm Lewis is three! An adult in a little toddler body! 

This kid is pure magic. 

He is 100% a toddler: an angel who says, “I want you to tarry (carry) (we’re working on speech!) me mama, because I really, really love you,” and then five minutes later has a 10-minute tantrum because he doesn’t like the overalls I’m wearing. 

I have to admit that I tend to look at my baby boy with rose-colored glasses. I’m able to forget the meltdown I just had because I WAS OVER IT in minutes so when I talk about him, I think it’s all wonderful when I know that I live in a day to day reality that is not all wonderful. 

But I’m sorry, he just IS magic! 

At each previous birthday I’ve reflected on how transformative the year was. I think perhaps that is just the way it is with precious baby kids. I watch his videos from a year ago and am shocked by the difference- I now have a, like, fully functioning human! 

He can carry on full conversations! He understands everything we say, 100% to our detriment. He can ride a bike! And a scooter! And run and jump and twirl! He makes decisions for himself, has an opinion on absolutely everything, and can entertain himself for hours (though I usually pay for it later in the day). 

Obviously this year has been bonkers for everyone, including us– though I’m constantly aware of how incredibly lucky we’ve been through it all. 

The transition from daily scheduled activities and almost monthly visits to or from our family to months spent at home, almost all of which were FREEZING WHY IS MICHIGAN WINTER SO LONG was tough. Being a stay at home mom is inherently isolating, so in many ways, I was prepared, but in others, I felt even more alone. I can’t pretend I didn’t mope my fair share and have days that seemed impossibly long, boring, and tiring. 

Yet, I think I couldn’t feel as happy in my life, even with COVID everywhere, if I didn’t have my Malcolm to get me through it. 

He hardly notices anything is different! He doesn’t know what big plans I had for spring– he just knows that he had fun exploring the woods, baking, painting constantly (I hate painting with children by the way), and slowing down with his mama. He’s still just as joyful and it helps balance me and my expectations. 

His constantly growing little brain– currently in the “but why?” phase of childhood– his delight in the smallest of things, his humor, sass, and affection are actually, really, truly magic. He is my angel baby monster and I love him desperately. 

Today is the last birthday he’ll have as our only child. But no matter what changes come this year, he will always be my number one Malcolm, the best Malcolm in the whole world, my sweet, magic little boy. 

Happy birthday, baby– you’re the best.

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