Three Years with Malcolm

Malcolm Lewis is three! An adult in a little toddler body!  This kid is pure magic.  He is 100% a toddler: an angel who says, “I want you to tarry (carry) (we’re working on speech!) me mama, because I really, […]

Two Years with Malcolm

Malcolm Lewis is two! My sweet angel is a whole PERSON now. We’ve always noticed bits of his personality poking through from the second he was born. Parenting is mostly watching your little humans become more themselves every day while […]

I love you, breastfeeding.

Happy World Breastfeeding Week! Breastfeeding is the absolute hardest, best, and most fulfilling thing I’ve ever done in my life. I know that millions of mothers across the world breastfeed with more challenging circumstances and less support and as it […]

One Year with Malcolm

Malcolm Lewis is one! A whole year old! Will the weeping (mine) stop at some point? A couple of days ago I clicked over to the people tab on my phone and watched the little video it made for Malcolm. […]

Lala Life: Brave Babies

Hello hello! You guys! If you’ll believe it, we actually did wayyyy more our second week in L.A. Luckily, things are getting more familiar and homey so it’s mostly been easier. And omg, sweet Malcolm is the most outgoing, brave […]

Welcome to Lala Land

Our family has some news! We’ve decided it’s high time we get Malcolm’s modeling career going, so we’ve moved to Los Angeles for the next six months! Both parts of this sentence are very true! Okay, but for real for […]

A Birth Story Brag Story

I’ve so been wanting to tell you about the day our Malcolm arrived for so long, but it turns out having a newborn takes a lot of time. I’m so excited to finally tell our story, if only so I […]

Our Little One’s Nursery

You guys, I have been waiting not patiently at all to show you our sweet little boy’s nursery and now I finally can! Welcome to my happiest place: the room of Malcolm Lewis McAlexander-Flood. For months and months, I poured […]

Pregnancy, I love you.

I love being pregnant SO much. I have never loved an experience in my life more. I know I’m lucky. Pregnancy is not easy for so many people and even when it is, not everyone likes it. I’m actually more […]