On Feeling Lost

I’ve been feeling a little lost lately. When I try to articulate it or explain it, it’s not too profound and even as I write this, I have no uplifting thing to say at the end about suddenly feeling so […]

Angry Tweeting & Regretting It

One of my worst habits, and also one of my favorite, is angry tweeting. I especially love angry tweeting when I feel let down by someone/something I trusted. This probably makes you think I’m subtweeting my frenemies all the time, […]

Moving (On)

Well, it’s that time. My semi-annual ritual of moving my 12 boxes of books (and everything else I own and love) is here yet again. This time, we’re moving to Georgia! And I’m so excited. But me being me, I’m […]

On Obsession

I’ve never been shy about my obsessive personality. I, of course, am obsessed with being obsessed. I find it so fulfilling to be so in love with something, so invested in something, so meticulously interested in something that you obsess. […]

Pep Talks to a Younger Alice

Yesterday was kind of my five-year anniversary with Warren. I say kind of because obviously relationships are messy (ours especially was) and things didn’t all start out right then. And because I think it’s unfair to give those first three […]

Ranking the Dumbest Things I Care About

You know when you get upset about something silly and some cranky jerk says to you, “there are starving children in Africa, get over yourself”? I hate that. Now obviously there are so many injustices happening around the world and […]

On Limiting Thoughts

I recently read Steven Pressfield’s The War of Art: Break Through the Blocks and Win Your Inner Creative Battles. I found myself in desperate need of something like it a mere two months after I began writing. As the universe […]

On Getting Older

Well, today is my 27th birthday. And while writing a blog post about getting older is mostly just a thinly veiled plea for birthday attention, I actually do like to think about what getting older means each time it continues […]

On Being a Feminist with My Nails Done

*Originally published on Huffington Post*  I am a proud feminist. I’m the daughter of a working woman who kept her maiden name and a feminist man who loves being surrounded by his family of strong women. They raised their daughters […]

The Most New York Things About Me

My feelings about New York City have been made pretty clear by now. But the longer I’m here, I can’t help but notice myself adapting in ways I didn’t expect. Some of these new tendencies of mine, I hate and […]