That Nomad Life: We Moved to Detroit!

You guys! We moved! To… DETROIT! Did I ever think I’d type these words? I mean, not really. But is it good? It is so good! Mostly! It snows a lot here! But otherwise, it seems really cool! Warren started […]

Launching 63 Magazine

I’m so excited to share with y’all that Warren and I are preparing to launch 63 Magazine, a digital magazine and online community for progressive political organizers! I’m so happy my first real job ever was being a Field Organizer because it […]

Leigh and I braving the crowds.

It’s Not That Crowded

Guys, it’s just not that crowded. Sure, it is plenty crowded in New York. I could just as easily make this essay, “Why is it so crowded here?” because really, there are just So. Many. People. Crowds are basically part […]

Alice McAlex - train tracks


Hi! I’m Alice McAlex(ander) and I’m so happy to welcome you to my little corner of the internet. AliceMcAlex is about everything I love: TV (both bad and good), Books (both pretentious and beachy), Puppies (but especially mine), Boys (just the […]