The Bachelorette Recap: Episode 4

Alright you guys, I’m recovered from jetlag, having a working live TV situation, and a positive attitude. I will like this show again! I will!

That said, I’m so so distracted by the aggressive evil happening at our borders. But. But. To need a mental break from the world’s evil does not make you weak. We watch this show for that break! So okay, here. Here’s that break.

Let’s discuss this week’s episode which was mostly quite sweet!

Here are the 10 Worst Things That Happened on The Bachelorette: Episode 4

10. God bless the men with the bulging biceps who can’t swing an axe. (I could never swing an axe nor do I think it’s a necessary skill, but lol at the guys with huge useless muscles.)

9. Read the room, Jordan! Becca DOES NOT want to kiss you!

8. Colton honey, you are hardly one to talk about people not being on the show for the right reasons. You are there for Tia! We ain’t buying it!

7. Okay, I love that they had a married lesbian Olympian couple on this episode, but I also feel like they exploited them almost to try to show us that Garrett is cool with gay people? When we know at least when this filmed that he wasn’t? I know, I know, he apologized and I’m giving him a chance and everything, but this felt manipulative from the show.

6. Lincoln thinks the earth is flat and we’re forced to listen to his idiocy about this, supposedly to make us laugh? But, not to be your neighborhood killjoy, but stupid conspiracy theories like this should never get air time. Letting people deny facts is how we’ve gotten ourselves into this hellscape in the first place.

5. Jean aggressively tells Becca he’s falling in love with her and looks at her SO expectantly. Like it was so presumptuous that it was rude! Aren’t most people, like, terrified after they say it? The audacity to assume it was wanted!

4. David makes fun of Jordan by saying he showed his true colors in the spa and was really good with nail polish as if that’s inherently a bad thing because it’s feminine. No thank you, sexism from a really annoying dude.

3. Jean tells Becca that he only said he was falling for her because he thought it was what she wanted to hear, but he only says this after it’s clear he’s getting dumped. What was the point? To just be an asshole? Mission accomplished! Men’s egos are so fragile.

2. GROSS Jean had a perfume made for Becca that is called “Miss Becca Blanc.” You should never presume a woman is going to take your name even if you someday decide to get married but to decide she’s part of your property before you’re even dating? Oh hell no.

1. Using one of these worst things to discuss the horrible job casting and vetting ABC did this season. Lincoln, who just continues to get worse and worse as time goes on, just became a convicted sex offender for a crime he committed in 2016. Yet they let him on this dating show! I believe that ABC didn’t know, but I also believe that they’re playing fast and loose with their leads’ trust. And they’re giving these awful people a platform! This show becomes less and less a break from the horrible world when they bring the horribleness into the show so carelessly.

My random thoughts and predictions:

  • Garrett seems SO into Becca and obviously, she is going to pick him. It could not be more obvious! I hope he lives up to her.
  • Wills! Wills! Wills is amazing. Please, please be our next Bachelor! It is time, ABC!
  • Becca’s fashion game was back on point this week. I’m especially into that dress on the group date.
  • OMG John the tech guy is adorable and warms my heart.

Let’s just keep watching so we can get to know these guys who will be on paradise, yes? See you next week.



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