The Bachelor Recap: Unreal

Well, we’ve reached hometown dates! It’s the last non-boring episode of the season! (Although Ben’s stupid big mouth makes it seem like perhaps that boring curse will not be true here).  All the families this season were completely lovely, even […]

Angry Tweeting & Regretting It

One of my worst habits, and also one of my favorite, is angry tweeting. I especially love angry tweeting when I feel let down by someone/something I trusted. This probably makes you think I’m subtweeting my frenemies all the time, […]

The Bachelor Recap: Bland Ben

If you were forgetting how wholesome our Bachelor was, don’t you worry! This episode took us back to his AMAZING HOMETOWN WARSAW, INDIANA just to remind us. How hard are these producers swerving back from Kaitlyn’s persona with this season? “We’re […]