The Bachelorette Recap: Episode 3

Oh my god, how much did this episode suck? All the dates were weird and bad! It was remarkably boring! The only likable man had to leave!

But for real, is anyone feeling this season? I don’t think it’s Becca’s fault! But then maybe it is because I don’t understand her taste in men at all. At this point, I am just slogging my way through this.

Here are the 10 Worst Things That Happened on The Bachelorette: Episode 3

10. I didn’t like even one of Becca’s outfits this week! She looks good in everything, but the, like, high necked, see-through bejeweled crop top was just offensive.

9. Leo says that Mike looks like a lovely blonde woman which is a bit rich coming from the dude with luxurious long waves.

8. After one date and five days of knowing each other, Blake calls Becca his girlfriend and she swoons over it, but hi, no that is not the case, that is never the case this early.

7. How weird is this date with Becca’s Bachelor friends? There were roughly the same amount of men and women! The men were massaging the women! They’re going to be trying to date them soon on Bachelor in Paradise! Obviously, your boyfriend can hang out with your female friends without it being weird, but this just felt like a big flirt pile.

6. I felt the awkwardness of the Richard Marx one on one date in my very core. He was way too intense for the second week of dates.

5. I feel so so bad for David, but let’s rewind to before the injury. He was SO ANNOYING! Since we always make fun of women’s voices, let me just say his voice drives me crazy and why is he so obsessed with Jordan? Stop! Focus on Becca! God bless Becca not being there for it at all when he tried to bash Jordan for walking around in his underwear.

4. I’m really not buying Colton. They all say yes to the show before they know who the lead is going to be, but dating one of the lead contenders and then ending it to go on the show for someone else is sketch as fuck.

3. I hated this football date. First of all, this seems remarkably dangerous because none of them are trained to do tackle well! And it was! Second of all, why am I watching a whole freaking football game, I did not sign up for this tonight (and I even like football!).  Third of all, I am tired of the competing for her heart talk already and we’ve got so much more ahead of us.

2. Jordan says to Becca, “you are something I would like to see myself next to. You’re the goal.” Women are not objects!

1. The editing around David’s injury and ambulance trip was truly awful. The way they set it up as if Jordan did it made light of a really serious injury – David was in the ICU! And can we stop with the toxic masculinity as if physical aggression over dating is ever okay?

My random thoughts and predictions:

  • There is a lot of questionable hair that Becca seems into, most notably Chris and Jason.
  • I found Garrett cute for the first time! Like, physically. Otherwise, he seems to like her at least?
  • Sweet, sweet awkward Clay, you were too good for this world. Sue the heck out of ABC, please.

Alright, is anyone still watching? Is anyone still interested? Ugh. See y’all next week.



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