The Bachelor Recap: Women Tell All

How is everyone feeling at the end of HOUR NINE of Bachelor land content this week? Oh, you were sane and didn’t watch Bachelor Winter Games?

Actually Winter Games was more charming than this actual show, but yikes, that is A LOT of our lives. And we got to end the week with women yelling at each other: wonderful!

Here are the 10 Worst Things That Happened on The Bachelor: Episode 9


9. Oh boy, Tia asks Arie why he didn’t keep her if he had doubts about Kendall. I feel like she thinks relationships are determined by qualifications. Like, doesn’t she get it yet?

8. “I can’t control that I was born in 1995,” Bekah says in an attempt to chastise those holding it against her. She’s not wrong that age shouldn’t be the only factor you judge about a person, but this is certainly the wrong way to get her point across. 1995! People born in 1995 are on this show now??

7. Stop it right now with Marikh and this glam shaming nonsense. It is not a thing and she knows it’s not a thing and she’s just being ridiculous. And the way she acts still mad at Chelsea even though Chelsea is sensitive and apologetic? I literally can’t.

6. LOL Krystal has the audacity to go up to the couch with Arie to say that he ended things with her coldly. She completely lacks self-awareness on a level that is astounding.

5. Krystal tells Chris she doesn’t know how to do her sexy voice and then two seconds later pops out a breathy, “Hiiiiiii.” If homegirl wants to have a sexy baby voice, I suppose that’s her prerogative, but this was straight terrifying.

4. Oh my gosh, the constant yelling over each other was too much! I had a headache within five minutes. Let each other speak like adults. I know they all want screen time, but yelling over people is not the kind of screen time you want.

3. Chris implies to Seinne that she will have trouble dating men because of her accomplishments. Is this for real? We’re enforcing the idea that men are scared of women who went to a good school? Nope.

2. Mostly all Krystal will own about her behavior was that, “Looking back, there were things that looked bad.” I really hate how villains are treated by crazy internet trolls, but just because she has been treated horribly, doesn’t mean she shouldn’t take responsibility for her behavior and the way it hurt others. You don’t get a free pass just because other people were mean to you.

1. We see a clip of Krystal’s post-bowling meltdown of her saying, “I date men, not little fancy pants.” Also, the bleeped out stuff (which was very confusing) she said was saying Arie had a “needle dick” and calling the girls, “see you next Tuesdays.” She is a sexist monster! She’s horrible to and about other women and is an enforcer of toxic masculinity.

And now my random thoughts/predictions:

  • Y’all, Chelsea gets more amazing the more we see of her. She is delightful!
  • Bekah came off great, mostly, and they kept showing Tia and her resting bitch face while Bekah talked. It didn’t play great for Tia.
  • Chris asked Seinne and Tia about being ready for relationships and doesn’t mention paradise, so they both seem to be Bachelorette contenders. I think they want Tia, but people are kind of annoyed with her so they’re not committing fully yet.
  • I know more than I’d like to admit about the end of this season so I’m not going to say much, but it’s pretty clear Arie is going to be a real asshole.

See y’all again tomorrow! Omg I’m tired already.



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