Living the Dream

Will I ever be as proud of anything again as I am for having worked to elect President Obama? I found myself asking that question this Friday, not for the first time, as I walked down the street in one […]

Who to Follow on Instagram: Model Edition

So, guys, there are so many models and so many models on Instagram. If you followed all the hot models (obviously I mean cool and successful, not attractive though obviously, duh they’re models) on instagram, your feed would be OVERRUN. […]

I’m Not THAT Enlightened

Sometimes I think I’m pretty enlightened, as people go. By this I mean that I try pretty hard most days to be a considerate, compassionate contributor to the world. I respect the universe, and I think about the kind of […]

Though she be but little, she is fierce. -- Shakespeare Image source: Cat Coquillette, via

My Favorite Sassy Ladies of Literature

I’ve often been called sassy and I find it to be the highest compliment. I think most people do. But of course sometimes people don’t mean it that way or sometimes people really get their feelings hurt when you call […]