The Bachelorette Recap: The Final Rose

Happy Bachelorette finale! I am so monstrously conflicted.

Becca was clearly going to pick Garrett and since I always try to be happy with the ending, I do my best to adjust to the idea ahead of time.

And y’all know I’m progressive as they come (I mean, I’m not a Bernie-stan, but anyways we’re not having that conversation here) and obviously can’t imagine myself being engaged to someone who would like the type of things Garrett liked. And for someone to apologize after being caught instead of before doesn’t signify quite as genuine of a change, but he is apologizing! And mostly his apology is fine, especially for someone who isn’t particularly eloquent.

So do we not try to forgive people and let them change? Isn’t that the only way we make progress?

All that said, Garrett isn’t my favorite contestant ever by far and I love Becca dearly, so, MEH. But they really seem to love each other and be filled with joy around each other and that is incredibly important.

ANYWAYS I am babbling far too much.

Let’s discuss the rest of the episode.

Here are the 10 Worst Things That Happened on The Bachelorette: Finale

10. LOL Garrett says, “I felt so good inside,” about his date with Becca. He’s not the brightest bulb.

9. Never a good sign if your sister saying something lovely about one of your suitors, that Blake would challenge Becca and be more of a teammate, makes you look miserable. Yikes.

8. Why is Becca’s family talking to Blake about Garrett? I HATE when they do that, and they never do it to the person who comes first. It’s so rude AH.

7. This is a kind of roundabout complaint, but I’ve heard that the producers loved Becca which basically means she was really amenable to their suggestions (uh, she agreed to do this after they filmed her surprise engagement breakup), and so I’m feeling particularly irked that they pushed her into letting Blake give his speech on the beach. Lots of Bachelorettes insist on doing the final breakup earlier and I think she deserved that chance.

6. Why does Becca think it’s appropriate to tell Blake that she thought he was the one for so long? This isn’t like a nice compliment! It feels empty and useless.

5. Blake’s sobbing into a sweat towel really spoke to my heart in that it broke it so hard.

4. Becca let Blake get way too far in his speech, and when she started her speech, it really sounded like she was choosing him. She got his hopes up, and yes that’s basically the whole show, but in that moment, is it really necessary, for crying out loud?

3. Oh my lord, my heart! I can’t handle Blake saying he has to do it all alone. Too heartbreaking!

2. Stop making people watch their breakups in front of an audience!

1. Blake did such a good job trusting his gut and talking about his feelings. I hate that then she told him his being in his head caused her hesitations. I get it, Becca! It didn’t feel free and easy like it did with Garrett and I often think the tortured romance trope is overdone. But, Blake! You will find someone who doesn’t make you anxious all the time and who will appreciate your overthinking brain!

Some things I enjoyed:

  • Okay, Garrett saying he’d let Becca rip his heart out if it’s what she needed to do to be happy was so precious.
  • Oh my gosh, Becca’s sister saying she’s her soul mate. My heart!
  • There was so much talk of Blake and Becca being so similar, but I think having someone who complements you but is different than you is what challenges you. Garrett is clearly not so well spoken and Becca is this amazingly composed, vibrant presence. But I think that difference is a good thing!

Alright, my friends, I’m afraid our recapping time has come to an end, and no, not just for the season. I have loved talking about this ridiculous show with you for so many years.

It is a show that is enjoyable partly because it is so fun to talk about and complain about, and I’ve loved doing so basically at you, but as often as you’d engage, with you. Unfortunately, my heart’s just not in it anymore. I won’t be back next season, but I might be some other one.

I’ll always be here on my blog and on Twitter/Facebook etc., but I shall miss you here every Monday. Thank you for reading along, I appreciate you so much!



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