The BORED Bachelor Recap

This episode took me so, so long to watch because I was so, so bored. I do not care about Arie at all, still.

I honestly feel like I’m letting y’all down as a recapper because as much as I always hate-watch this show, I also genuinely care about the people. And that’s an important part of whining about the show or else I’m just mean.

,,,,Oh well!

Here are the 10 Worst Things That Happened on The Bachelor: Episode 8

10. You guys, it’s crazy, one of these four women is going to be Arie’s wife! Sure! I totally believe that!!

9. This is not technically a bad thing, but why was there not more made of the fact that Kendall’s twin’s name is Kylie? Like as in… KENDALL AND KYLIE. I AM OBSESSED WITH DISCUSSING THIS. Did Kris get the idea for Kendall and Kylie from these random Californians? Is this a common thing that happened before them? Tell me more!

8. I see you, dumb Bachelor previews trying to act like all the dads were extremely tough when actually every single one said they trusted their daughter’s judgment. I won’t fall for any of your previews anymore! (Okay, I’ve known this for awhile.)

7. Arie keeps asking for advice on how to, essentially, manipulate all the parents into liking him, which, sure. But when you’re dating four women, maybe just be genuine and honest instead?

6. Sweet Kendall is the most emotionally intelligent woman I’ve ever seen on this show. I love her so much, but NOPE with her making me look at a skinned rat body on a casual Monday night. NOPE. NOPE.

5.  I really didn’t like that Tia took Arie racing on her hometown date. I would generally think doing something your partner loves is an awesome thing to do, but the point of hometowns is to introduce the lead to your life and your past. It felt like very sad foreshadowing of what Tia and Arie’s relationship would be- a lot of one-sided giving.

4. Poor naïve Lauren says she doesn’t think Arie would be saying he’s falling for her if he was saying it to other people. I don’t doubt that Arie has strong feelings for all three—he is used to dating multiple women (playboy “past,” y’all). But I do kind of feel like he is making all of them feel more secure than is fair.

3. The awkward silences from Lauren’s family were TOO MUCH. Their conversations are so jilted and unnatural!

2. Arie lies to Tia and says he can’t tell her his feelings when she says she loves him which I find quite rude. Just say your dumb “I love that,” thing.

1. Arie grills Kendall during the rose ceremony on whether she will say yes to a proposal and insists it’s not about how she feels about the relationship. I hate, hate, hate this false choice the show makes people make. You’re not going to get married right away! No one does! It’s better to choose the right person! Yes, he should make sure she eventually wants to get married, but come on.

And now my random thoughts/predictions:

  • I loved Tia’s brother saying that she wasn’t chill. God bless. Chill is overrated.
  • All the girls saying, “I love you,” to Tia when Arie didn’t give her a rose shattered my poor heart.
  • I have to give Arie props: that was the best breakup I’ve ever seen on this show. It’s not about your worth, Tia!
  • Tia got the bachelorette edit something fierce.
  • He seems to be most into Lauren, though it remains inexplicable to me.

Alright, I shall see you Sunday. At least that’s one less week of this season!



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