On Getting Older

Well, today is my 27th birthday. And while writing a blog post about getting older is mostly just a thinly veiled plea for birthday attention, I actually do like to think about what getting older means each time it continues […]

On Being a Feminist with My Nails Done

*Originally published on Huffington Post*  I am a proud feminist. I’m the daughter of a working woman who kept her maiden name and a feminist man who loves being surrounded by his family of strong women. They raised their daughters […]

The Most New York Things About Me

My feelings about New York City have been made pretty clear by now. But the longer I’m here, I can’t help but notice myself adapting in ways I didn’t expect. Some of these new tendencies of mine, I hate and […]

My Sweet Ella Belle

Ella is my adorable and perfect two year old Golden Retriever. I love her so very much, it’s hard to explain. But I want to try. I brought Ella home when she was six weeks old. (I don’t want to […]