Moving (On)

Well, it’s that time. My semi-annual ritual of moving my 12 boxes of books (and everything else I own and love) is here yet again. This time, we’re moving to Georgia! And I’m so excited. But me being me, I’m […]

The Most New York Things About Me

My feelings about New York City have been made pretty clear by now. But the longer I’m here, I can’t help but notice myself adapting in ways I didn’t expect. Some of these new tendencies of mine, I hate and […]

Leigh and I braving the crowds.

It’s Not That Crowded

Guys, it’s just not that crowded. Sure, it is plenty crowded in New York. I could just as easily make this essay, “Why is it so crowded here?” because really, there are just So. Many. People. Crowds are basically part […]