Things I Have in Common with Beyoncé

This week was Beyoncé’s 35th birthday. She’s officially old enough to run for President! Do you think she’ll save us from our national nightmare and run someday? No, she definitely won’t. I love Beyoncé so much, sometimes it’s hard to […]

On Meeting Famous People

Oh boy, you guys. Have you ever met a famous person? Not like, some random former NHL player that even your Canadian fiancé hasn’t heard of. Like a real famous person you’re kind of (okay, a lot) obsessed with. It […]

Who to Follow on Instagram: Model Edition

So, guys, there are so many models and so many models on Instagram. If you followed all the hot models (obviously I mean cool and successful, not attractive though obviously, duh they’re models) on instagram, your feed would be OVERRUN. […]