The Mindy Project Recap: Season 4, Episode 22

After a short break from the Mindy and Jody drama, we’re right back to it. And I don’t know, you guys. I’m feeling burned out on all the back and forth.

I know that will they/won’t they is the lifeblood of many a good comedy show, and hey, romantic tension is where it’s at. But I feel like The Mindy Project is being a little lazy with this particular iteration of will they/won’t they.

It all feels very low stakes. Almost every episode either Mindy or Jody denies their feelings, then realizes how much they like the other, then is about to confess their love for the other only to be interrupted by something (either another person or a second thought).  So I never actually expect anything to happen.

The best part of the will they/won’t they – the tension – is missing!

And then in the mix we have a bunch of one-off guys who never last longer than an episode. Am I supposed to care about them? I don’t know, I don’t have a chance.

I mean, I still love the show. I will literally watch any story line if Mindy’s still being Mindy and the writers still pack a million ridiculous jokes in each episode. I almost feel guilty for becoming weary of something on my favorite show, but I can’t help it! Hopefully, as we near the end of this season, something will actually happen! I would like for something to happen!

This particular brand of will they/won’t they starts with Mindy back from Texas, discovering that Jody has managed to get a girlfriend in the five days she was gone. (Can you really call someone your girlfriend if you’ve known each other a week?). Mindy has a flicker of disbelief, but barely any disappointment. Why should we care if Mindy doesn’t?! Ugh.

Anyways, Later Baby has gotten invited to give a presentation at Princeton, Mindy’s alma mater. At first Jody tries to back out so he can take his new girlfriend Courtney to an allergist appointment (ooh, romantic).

Thankfully, Mindy calls him on his BS: “When we went to your school, it actually sped up the demise of my relationship with the father of my baby.”

Yeah, dude. Get it together. While mad at Jody, Mindy tells Morgan about her weird little hair brushing moment with Jody and though Morgan tries to dampen its meaning for Mindy, he clearly knows it was romantic (and gets an erection? EW). We’re only mad at Jody for four seconds though, because he changes his mind and decides to join the road trip, bringing Courtney along with him.

Once at Princeton, however, they discover their presentation isn’t until the next year when the Princeton football coach comes in to set up for his recruitment session. Jody and Morgan are pissed (fair), but luckily the coach, Drew, and Mindy went to school together so he does her a solid and let’s her use the auditorium.

We get the best scene of the episode when Mindy and Drew head to the library to recruit for the Later Baby presentation. Mindy’s summary of which women to target (Korean girls, Indian girls, Jewish girls) and her randomly guessing their names was amazing. As was Drew’s truly on point reaction, “I’m uncomfortable with all the racial talk at a university.”

I love scenes like this where Mindy is completely her absurd self and still really effective.

She and Jody give their presentation and sign up 16 new patients. Hooray! Off to celebrate at a bar, Courtney continues to be high maintenance (does warmth even get rid of allergies? I feel like no?) so Mindy and Jody have a fight about Mindy not being nice to Courtney, in front of Drew who is clearly interested in Mindy.

Drew bails (lame) so everyone is off in their hotel rooms when Courtney accidentally gives Jody the gift Mindy brought him from Texas- a belt buckle with his name on it.

So now Jody is into Mindy again and he rushes to tell her so. Morgan, determined to stop a budding relationship from ruining the practice, interrupts the talk and scolds Jody on giving Mindy mixed signals (for real, nothing is worse than mixed signals).

Mindy’s night is saved when Drew asks her to grab a bite, they flirt some more, agree to a date in NY, and then head back to his apartment to have sex. Drew is fine enough, though a little bland, but I’m already over him because I know we will never see him again.

I actually did enjoy the episode! I enjoy almost every episode! They’re funny and smart and sweet! But, please you guys. Figure out a way to make me CARE about Mindy and Jody and I’ll let you do whatever you want with their relationship.

Some important weekly things:

Outfit of the Episode:

  • Did they choose this perfect lemon dress before Lemonade?? Foresight, I tell you:

*Image source:

 Favorite Jokes I Almost Missed

  • Jeremy on Jody’s (lame) meet-cute with Courtney: “Why can’t something like that happen to me at ballet barre?”
  • “You have so much in common! You’re both women!” – literally every man ever.
  • “I didn’t know microwaving fish would make the whole office smell!”

*Feature Image source: Originally seen on The AVClub; Hulu

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