The Mindy Project Recap: Season 4, Episode 6

Well, this episode was clearly a campaign to get us liking Danny again before his extended absence while Chris Messina films a movie with Ben Affleck. (I know this because I got to attend Paley Fest with The Mindy Project cast and writers this weekend!) I’ll give The Mindy Project team props- it mostly worked, despite this not being my favorite episode.

Is there a name for this type of episode? It was almost a bottle episode, without being a bottle episode really. But our whole story focused on Danny and Morgan, and while they were both great, I really missed Mindy! But okay, fine, it was still pretty good.

We start out with Mindy and Danny saying their goodbyes as Danny preps for California to take care of his dad.  I spent the entire scene wondering if Mindy’s outfit was a nightgown and if it was a nightgown, why were there sparkly things on her nightgown? Danny is mad at his dad for ruining his life again, but I’m confused because I thought they had kind of made up? Anyways, he decides to drive to California (for sneaky reasons because Danny loves lying) and Morgan’s coming along to protect him from everyone with a gun.

Morgan and Danny head out and we GET A HOBOKEN REFERENCE. Guys, I live in Hoboken and it got referenced on The Mindy Project so basically I’m Mindy’s best friend? He thinks if the New Jersey state trooper sees his plates, he might get a Hoboken hello. Which, to be real, a Hoboken hello would probably be quite lovely unless it was during commuting times in which case it would be very rude.

Morgan, in the purple version of Danny’s famous red glasses, falls asleep immediately, to be awoken 45 minutes later at a random hotel. Danny wants him to stay there a week so he can deal with some private matter. Literally, why on earth do Danny and Mindy NOT COMMUNICATE WITH EACH OTHER?

Morgan’s not about that though, so despite Danny’s best effort at bribing and physicality, Morgan’s staying put.

Now on a mission to find out what Danny’s secret is, Morgan even stops talking about the best celebrity pet graves (I would take this tour) and begins nonstop pestering. Danny was clearly an older brother. He tortures Morgan with the silent treatment, with getting the soft pretzel Morgan wanted only to throw it out the window, and pretending he’ll finally talk without actually talking.

Later, they both pray out loud, and Morgan shows legitimate concern for Danny and his secret. Morgan is insane, but he’s often wise and quite sweet. The next day on the road, Danny obviously lies and pretends he was being so weird because he didn’t want to cry in front of Morgan about his dad. No one is falling for this nonsense, Danny.

But to make up for being a monster (no, to get rid of Morgan), they stop at the grave of Eddie from Frasier, the holy grail of celebrity pet monuments. Danny pretends to take a picture and then drives away, abandoning poor Morgan for not the first time at a celebrity pet grave.

When he pulls up to the house with his secret, Morgan is somehow there, haven stolen (borrowed?) a little girl’s bicycle. He then delivers my favorite lines of the episode:

“Who is in that house?

Are you gay?

Are you attracted to me?

Why not?”

But then a super tall teenager, Eric, walks out calling Danny dad.

I mean, obviously this kid isn’t Danny’s son, but let’s play along for a bit. He found him online, only a month ago, and his mom met Danny at a Billy Joel concert. Evelyn, Eric’s mom comes out, and lets us know that it’s Eric’s birthday. They make a mean joke about how she hasn’t changed so I guess we’re supposed to laugh that Danny hooked up with someone not gorgeous? Eh, I’ll pass.

Danny and Eric go out back and we learn he had his birthday party this day so Danny could be there. Like, you have a planned date to meet your supposed son, Danny. Now is the time to tell your fiancé. Eric is apparently nine years old and expects Danny to move to Oklahoma and marry his mom.

Meanwhile, in the kitchen, Morgan is not even being that smart and is able to weasel out of Evelyn that Eric is not Danny’s son. He has blue eyes which Morgan knows is impossible because Mindy had him go through his genealogy. Evelyn begs Morgan not to tell, but then they see Eric punching Danny for coming to him and bragging about his great life in New York. For real, this kid is acting like a nine year old.

Castellano men express their feelings through their fist and their feet so Danny’s cool with getting punched, but this causes Evelyn to admit she lied. Eric’s real dad is a jerk and she just wanted him to feel good. Danny is rightfully pissed and honestly, I would just leave too. Morgan tries to convince him to stay and then agrees to get abandoned to help Eric out at his party.

Driving away, Danny calls Mindy (oh, now you communicate) and talks sweetly to Leo. When Mindy tells him Leo’s lucky to have such a great dad, he turns around to help Eric look cool at his birthday party. Thankfully so, because Morgan is there wearing all khaki to pretend to be a dad.

Danny walks in all cooly, as he’s wont to do, and makes a sweet little speech about Eric, saving his birthday. Won’t his friends wonder where his dad went after? Whatever.

I’m down with this sweetness until he GIVES ERIC HIS CAR. What? What? Are you like full on a super millionaire now? You don’t just give away a newish car! This is also something you might run by your committed partner.

Morgan’s also pissed, but mostly because they have to ride in a bus now for 34 hours. Yeah, this is when you BUY A PLANE TICKET, ole moneybags. They forgive each other on the bus and continue their sweet trip as Danny realizes he needs to spend more time with his dad/take time off to film a movie with Ben Affleck.

That was a pretty alright episode, but next week’s is great! I got to see it at Paley Fest last Saturday and I’m super excited to watch again. Many more outfits to choose from then as well, thank god.

Some important weekly things:

Outfit of the Episode:

  • Morgan wearing all khakis to look like a dad, obviously.

*Image source: Video Still: Hulu

 Favorite Jokes I Almost Missed:

  • “Is there room in there for a third tongue?”
  • Morgan on Danny possibly having an affair, “Do you think she can just lose the baby weight like that? We’re in the middle of pie season!”
  • Eric saying, “Grandpa had a heart attack” moments after even hearing he has a grandpa
  • Morgan: “I wait hand and foot on you and you gave me a free t-shirt from your bank for my birthday!”

*Feature image source: Originally seen on Entertainment Weekly;Evans Vestal Ward/NBC

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