Who to Follow on Instagram: Model Edition

So, guys, there are so many models and so many models on Instagram. If you followed all the hot models (obviously I mean cool and successful, not attractive though obviously, duh they’re models) on instagram, your feed would be OVERRUN. Luckily, I’m here to help you out.

Let’s do a little deep dive into the models you should be obsessed with – for our purposes, these are the ones you should occasionally find yourselves down a rabbit hole looking through their tagged pictures full of fan art, and the ones that are technically relevant but are not worth your time. Also, let’s get real- I’m going to be kind of rude, but this is a post about which models to follow on Instagram so calm down.

Who to Follow

Karlie Kloss

Oh, Karlie, you beautiful, tall, sweet, genius. Okay, maybe she’s not a genius but she has a philanthropic business (Karlie’s Kookies) and she’s learning to code and she’s no longer a Victoria’s Secret Angel so she can go to college! She’s fun to follow because she has photo shoot pictures, running pictures, pictures with Taylor Swift (and more importantly, Taylor Swift’s cats), pictures at tech conferences, modelly pictures, travel pictures, family pictures- you name it. She’s got a really well balanced instagram and she seems really kind. If I got to choose one of these models to be my friend, it would be Karlie. Karlie is my queen!

models on insta-karlie.canne

Models on insta-karlie.olivia

*Images source: instagram.com/Karlie Kloss

Gigi Hadid

So Karlie may be my queen, but I’m hardcore obsessed with Gigi right now. I mean, hello, have you seen her?  She’s Palestinian and Dutch and so blonde and has so many perfectly scattered freckles. She dresses so well and what I think is her natural hair is like the dream of all hair. She also really nicely asked for McDonald’s gift cards to hand out to people in need for her birthday, but I’m going to be honest- I mostly just care about how pretty she is and her Instagram does a good job of highlighting this.

Models on insta-gigi.pink pants

Models on insta-gigi.calvins

*Images source: instagram.com/GigiHadid

Cara Delevingne

Cara is Tyra Banks dream America’s Next Top Model contestant because she can be high fashion, girl next door, sexy, and pretty, seemingly without trying at all. This one time, I think I saw her 17 times in an issue of Vogue. She’s also really cool and pretty weird and has a lot of bizarre instagrams. But can we get less Paper Towns graphics, Cara?

models on insta-cara.taylor

models on insta- cara.kendall

*Images source: instagram.com/CaraDelevingne

Kendall Jenner

I mean, obviously. Kendall is my second favorite Kardashian to follow (hi Kim) (what, I like pictures of North, so sue me) (also, I bought Selfish, so take your judgment elsewhere) because you get both model world AND Kardashian world. I only wish there were less pictures with Kylie because Kylie annoys the shit out of me (okay, I also follow Kylie based on pure social obligation).

models on insta- kendall.cannes

models on insta-kendall.kardashian

*Images source: instagram.com/KendallJenner

Chrissy Teigen

I feel like Chrissy only kind of counts as a model of Instagram because I always forget that she’s a model on her Instagram. This is because she’s always posting delicious pictures of food and sweet pictures of John Legend. But she’s very weird and real and funny and I like that she calls out trolls all the time. Also, don’t you think she’s the luckiest to get to be married to John Legend, sweet gem that he is?

Models on insta-chrissy.food

Models on insta- chrissy.goat

*Images source: instagram.com/ChrissyTeigen


Alright, it’s time to get controversial.

Who Not to Follow

Bella Hadid

I feel really guilty about this because I’m sure it has to blow to be the lesser known Hadid sister, but I just can’t with her Instagram. She just straight doesn’t interest me as much and her Instagram is just SO full of pictures of just her. I sometimes follow her for a bit in case it’s interesting and it isn’t. Just trust my gut feeling on this one.

Models on insta-bella

*Images source: instagram.com/BellaHadid

Hailey Baldwin

Oh, Hailey Baldwin. I don’t know, but I feel like I have literally never seen your modeling work anywhere. I like my models to be working hard and not just maybe making out with Justin Bieber. Plus she just annoys me. She’s best friends with Kendall and deep in Kendall’s little clique so you may think you need to follow her, but eh, I don’t think so. But maybe check her page every once in a while around big events  so you can see what the others are up to.

models on insta-hailey

*Images source: instagram.com/HaileyBaldwin

Behati Prinsloo

So here’s the thing- if you follow Behati, you’ll get to look at those great color block swimsuits from Victoria’s Secret a lot and that is always fun. But I’m just not sure that I like her OR Adam Levine enough to care about their lives.

Models on insta-behati

*Images source: instagram.com/BehatiPrinsloo

Basically All the Rest of the Victoria’s Secret Angels

All the rest are essentially the same page over and over featuring someone slightly different. A girl can only handle so many instagrams of people jumping rope in Victoria’s Secret sport wear. MAYBE consider following around the annual fashion show, but otherwise, you’re going to get pretty bored pretty fast.

models on insta-victorias1

*Images source: instagram.com/MarHunt

That’s it! The models I think you must follow on instagram right away. Go, go!

Next time: the dogs you should follow on Instagram. No, but really.

*Feature image sources: Karlie Kloss, Cara Delevingne, Chrissy Teigen, Gigi Hadid, Kendall Jenner.


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