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Love On Top: Beyoncé at my wedding.

Obviously, I am a huge Beyoncé fan because hello, I am human and recognize our Queen. But in a total lack of foresight, I never realized that oh my gosh, I could dance to a Beyoncé song for my first dance at my (someday) wedding until one of Mindy Kaling’s producers was brilliant and danced to XO.

Now that my eyes have been opened and my heart has been filled with joy, I must choose a song… battling with Warren will come later.

If you’re going to dance to a Beyoncé song for your first dance with your husband/wife/partner (duh do it), which should it be? Let’s explore!

Love on Top

Well, Love on Top is just so lovely. This is definitely my top pick, because don’t you remember how she revealed she was pregnant in this as she SLAYED the ending? It’s sweet and upbeat and so fun. Is it too fast for a first dance? Maybe if you’re lame.


Drunk in Love 

This would be a hysterical first dance. I personally recommend the Kanye remix version because you get the entire original song WITH Kanye rapping about Kim (insert praise hands emoji here).

Now if you don’t dance to Drunk in Love for your first dance, you definitely still have to play it. But here’s something I learned the hard way–let this song come on too late in the evening and people will butcher the hell out of it.



I am down for Halo. Everyone knows it, it’s pretty, nothing risky. A +


1 +1

Beyoncé just crushes it in this song. And this video Jay Z filmed of her warming up with it warms my little heart.


Crazy in Love 

Oh, ever the classic.



Okay, this is for sure a solid pick and would probably get most peoples’ top votes. It is romantic, has the right tempo and mood, and the lyrics are on point for a wedding. But blah, I’m going to be honest–it’s not my favorite.


Now for some Beyoncé songs you definitely DON’T want to be your first dance song:

Ring the Alarm

Oof you guys, do you really think this is about Rihanna? Do you also just block out all the rumors/facts/speculation about Jay and Bey having trouble?

This performance is LEGIT and one of my favorites of her live songs.



This song is one of my FAVORITE Beyoncé songs; it’s so damn good. But, I mean, I guess don’t play it at your wedding.



Alright, now you’re ready to have the best first dance ever, no matter your pick. I’m going with Love On Top. You’re welcome.

last post imageImage source: Black Boy Place at . Originally seen on Beyoncé’s Tumblr.


P.S. I just asked Warren’s opinion–he says it should be “Bills, Bills, Bills.”


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