Blue Ivy’s Cooler Than You: In Summertime

Well, it has just been TOO LONG since we’ve checked in on Miss Blue Ivy Carter. Let’s remedy the situation immediately, shall we?

First, let me kind of complain that the last few months have been way too devoid of Beyoncé and I am not happy about it. I get that she’s like, living her life and probably working on something new and wonderful, but in the meantime, I am left to cling to the paparazzi pictures of her getting in a helicopter or going to her office. (If you’re wondering where I get these without frequenting TMZ, the answer is BeyLite — the best/least annoying Beyoncé Fan Instagram page – trust me, I’ve explored our options.)

Anyways, let’s begin.

blue cat combo

I can’t with this. It is too cute. First, this outfit is toddler cute and also kind of weirdly chic and on trend for summer lounging? I’m just saying, if you saw someone wearing a tank and shorts with cartoon-like purple fish, white kicks, and a cute baseball hat, you would be like, “ugh why is everyone else so quirky and interesting-looking and I’m wearing the same god damn black halter dress?” But then, she’s holding a cat?? Whose cat is this? I assume not theirs and instead just a VERY LUCKY CAT whose owner can now sell pictures with the cat because Blue once held it. AND THEN, she’s in a basket, much like said cat is wont to do? Done, I’m done.

blue jay hat

Okay, I know I should probably just talk about how Blue and Jay are clearly being very cute here, cuddling in matching whites, possibly while he teaches her something. But I can’t talk about anything except this bucket hat Jay is wearing. FULLY ENDORSE.

blue ice cream

The bucket hat is back and Jay’s wearing khakis — what a DAD. Also, Blue Ivy is picking out Sponge Bob ice cream which leads me to believe that she is like all children – sharing bad taste in approving of Sponge Bob (okay that was way harsh). As usual, I would like her outfit.

blue ring

Okay, Blue is not in this picture, I know, but this is beautiful and I’ve just put it on my wish list.

blue soccer

WELL, if Blue Ivy loves watching women’s soccer, I think we can all agree it is the best thing to watch. Can I get my own jersey like this except actually exactly like this with BIC on it instead of my name? Is that weird?

blue tutu

This post has quickly digressed into “What has Blue Ivy been wearing lately?” but I can’t help it. This tutu is ON POINT and also, I’m really into the fact that the Carters are a family who dress on holiday theme. It’s like, when Blue’s off living on her own, Beyoncé will send Blue care packages with American Flag sunglasses each July, just like my perfect mother sends me. We’re all in this together, you know?

Blue kicks

I am once again in love with the fact that Blue Ivy, Beyoncé and I all have the same shoes. Their shoes are so much whiter than mine. Do you think they have a pair for each wear? Probably. Also, I hate this wall that Beyoncé always poses in front of. HATE IT. Whatever building owner manages this — have some self-respect and paint Beyoncé a beautiful outfit modeling wall, for crying out loud.

blue beyonce

AH I love this picture so much. Beyoncé is STUNNING as usual. Blue Ivy is wearing pink polka dots and her hair looks adorable, I can just tell. Everyone’s in love!


That’s all for now. Have fun in the Hamptons and New York and Los Angeles and everywhere else exotic you’re always going, Miss Blue Ivy! Do us all a favor though and make your mom post more pictures. And maybe write a song a day. Also! We love music videos too. On second thought, don’t tell her I asked you this — she’s going to think I’m too pushy.

All images courtesy of Beyoncé, via

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