Lala Life: Brave Babies

Hello hello! You guys! If you’ll believe it, we actually did wayyyy more our second week in L.A.

Luckily, things are getting more familiar and homey so it’s mostly been easier. And omg, sweet Malcolm is the most outgoing, brave little baby. With three separate trips to the Zimmer Children’s Museum this week, Malcolm’s getting so much baby socializing time.

And I’m becoming braver with other moms! I tell ya, taking the next step and asking for a number is going to be rough on the old nerves, but I’m going to get there!

Let’s start where we left off. Last Saturday, Malcolm, Warren and I got lunch with Warren’s L.A. client/friend and his family and then went to hike a little of Runyon Canyon.

Those Hollywood Hills aren’t messing around! I wore cute shoes lol so we only did like a mile up and back before heading to beloved Target.

Sunday was a perfect Father’s Day (if I do say so myself). We went to Santa Monica to do some window shopping before heading to the pier and muscle beach.

Well, it’s the original muscle beach not the main muscle beach now, but it was so cool seeing people do all sorts of partner and aerial yoga. Then we rode the merry go round! Warren says it’s famous, I believe him.

And we visited The Lev, a pop-up community bookstore our friend Miriam owns. It’s an amazing concept and she needs your help- donate to keep it alive!

Monday, we had a reset day after some messed up nap days. Boring errands etc., but y’all, Malcolm wore overalls!

On Tuesday, Malcolm and I went to Stroller Barre! It’s like a barre class in the park but with a baby in a stroller!

The teacher and the other mom there were both so nice and it was actually pretty challenging! Also, why did Malcolm cry then when he’ll sit for an hour in the stroller while we run? Only he knows. But luckily all of our babies took turns crying lol.

Then we went to our sensation class where Malcolm played in water with other naked babies, it was adorable. We love Luis our instructor!


Wednesday we jogged back to Zimmer for a baby art crawl. Y’all! They cover a room in white paper, put a bunch of paint and weird things to paint with and let naked babies go wild!

Malcolm was actually pretty shy with the paint at first, but as you see, he got quite into it. This is such a cool idea and it was so well done. At the end, they had these big tubs of warm water to wash your babies off and here I was worrying the whole class about attacking him with a pack of wipes.


On Thursday, we joined a music class for babies slightly older than Malcolm, but boy did he have fun. Luckily his class in Lagrange prepared him for the basic idea. He kept crawling into the center to dance and clap and beam at everyone.

This class was awesome. Everything’s sung in English and Spanish and at one point they just get to explore tons of baby instruments.

After, we visited the La Brea Tar Pits Museum. I’m not positive it’s worth the tour indoors (except for the first time), but it was cool to learn about all the thousands of fossils they found right there because animals kept getting stuck and dying in tar. Which is depressing, but hey, there were mammoths and direwolves here!

On top of all that, we went to a reptile show at the library. All of the kids were so chill and all the parents were freaking out, it was legit.

AND YOU GUYS. Lisa and Ken were filming at Vanderpump Dogs (next to Warren’s work) on Thursday and WARREN SAW THEM AND THEY NODDED AT EACH OTHER.

Friday, we visited Warren and went to the pool. Malcolm’s liking the pool more and more and I’m almost able to stop him from drinking the water the whole time.

And Saturday, we went to Bloom, a pop-up art show in Griffith Park. Full disclosure, I was a little let down because I was thinking it was going to be like a fancy sculpture garden and instead it was like cool art for Instagram influencers to take pictures in front of? Which was still really cool! Just not what I was expecting.

There were all these flower themed installations. And the most important thing is we got to have fun in a beautiful place as a family.


And oh boy, I am getting TIRED, but having a lot of fun with my baby. Malcolm and I are excited to leave for Lagrange tomorrow to visit my family and pack up some stuff for Warren to drive to California with ELLA!! Ella’s coming!

I honestly think a lot of the loneliness I’ll feel every once in awhile is because I don’t have my sweet girl by my side.

I’ll be back in a few weeks with more L.A. updates!

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