Welcome to Lala Land

Our family has some news!

We’ve decided it’s high time we get Malcolm’s modeling career going, so we’ve moved to Los Angeles for the next six months! Both parts of this sentence are very true!

Okay, but for real for real, Warren got a new, as he calls it, anchor client in L.A., and our whole crew is joining him for the adventure. Warren likes to tell people we’re bicoastal and everything in our L.A. related slack channel (I know, I’m rolling my eyes too) is The Americans themed, as we are “living double lives.”

This mostly means that Malcolm and I are still going back and forth between LaGrange and L.A. a fair amount, especially over the next two months. Hello, Malcolm has to have his first birthday party in LaGrange, and hey, I love my parents, aunt, and friends in Georgia so much.

Sweet Ella is joining us in L.A. in a couple weeks and then I guess that kind of makes it our main home base. But the entire house in LaGrange is staying intact, so basically what I’m saying is I’m stressed? JK JK having two houses to maintain is totally normal and easy and everyone does it.

We’re sad to be leaving the little life we’ve built in LaGrange, but since it’s most likely only temporary, we can instead just focus on having so much fun here in Los Angeles.

Which brings me to a new mommy blogger series you’ve all been dying for: a weekly recap of all the California fun Malcolm and I got ourselves into!

First of all, Malcolm took his first flight! It was a five hour one! Lol why are we insane? Would you like tips on flying with a baby? I do not have any. I mean, theoretically I will after the next few rounds, but our little champ did amazingly well, all things considered.

Then, OMG, we got to our apartment and Warren was giving us a tour of the complex when we… SAW LALA FROM VANDERPUMP RULES. And I know you’re like, are you sure it was Lala and no, at first we weren’t. But then a package was left for her in the package area and then I went stalker crazy on her Instagram and it is DEFINITELY THE SAME APARTMENT COMPLEX I AM DYING.

I am officially constantly on high alert now to see her again.

Oh, we also went to The Grove which is an eight-minute walk away. Yes, I have shopped there six times this week, no it’s not a problem.

Anyhoo, on Sunday, we got to take Malcolm to the Pride Parade! I felt incredibly lucky to show Malcolm the joy and love and freedom on display. It was actually my first Pride too, somehow, and it was everything I ever imagined from watching five Pride themed episodes of Vanderpump Rules.

Oh, this is a Vanderpump Rules blog now, cool?

Monday, alas, Malcolm and I were all alone in a big city where Warren told me that all cars were out to kill us at all times. COOL. But hey, we survived a run in the jogging stroller, a walking visit to Warren at work, and a driving trip to Whole Foods.

I’m assuming my mom is flying out this Sunday evening to accompany me to the grocery store Monday since, um, how do people shop alone with their children?

Anyways, you don’t care about this day, it was boring, but I was proud. Oh! And I ate Sweetgreen, god bless.

Tuesday, we went to the Zimmer Children’s Museum! Y’all, the memberships are crazy cheap and it’s so cool with all these dream playrooms. Malcolm is taking a baby sensation class! My poor heart when he crawled his way over to the bubbles, sat next to a stranger baby, and started dancing! This kid, you guys.

I’m excited to watch him next week when he’s not quite so overwhelmed with the newness of it all and just goes nuts.


Wednesday, we went to story time at our local branch of the library and it was a delight! I accidentally took him to the toddler story time and yikes, toddlers are terrifying, but he seemed to have so much fun. We truly don’t deserve libraries. Oh! And I talked to another mom! Like, I said at least three sentences, I’m so getting over my shyness so well here.

And we went to the pool! Our apartment has a pool! The apartment gym where Lala works out and posts her workout videos from overlooks the pool so I’m sure she’ll see Malcolm swimming and then have to come tell me how cute my baby is at some point.

Thursday, we enjoyed a failed attempt at the park with three different playgrounds, all of which made Malcolm scream, and in the afternoon, headed back to the library to go to Bubblemania, a bubble show!

Poor sweet Malcolm wanted so badly to crawl up to the bubbles, but he loved watching it and was possibly the cutest thing I’ve ever seen inside a bubble. Yes, they made a bubble around him!


And, Friday we headed to Los Angeles County Museum of Art. Kids get a free membership! And they can bring an adult for free! How freaking cool to not have so much pressure to see everything in one visit!

We just explored one building, but I’m pretty excited that my tiny baby has seen Picasso paintings in the flesh! LACMA seems legit amazing and I’m so excited to explore it more.

Alright! 900 words later, you’ve heard all about our week! So far, we are having a great time and I’m so excited to make this amazingly cool city with perfect weather feel like home. Do you have friends for me? Send them my way.

If you’re desperately looking for more Malcolm related content, please follow my stories over on Instagram.

Oh, and at least once a day a stranger tells me Malcolm needs to be in commercials and movies, and I could not agree more. Next week’s project: finding him an agent.

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