Our Little One’s Nursery

You guys, I have been waiting not patiently at all to show you our sweet little boy’s nursery and now I finally can!

Welcome to my happiest place: the room of Malcolm Lewis McAlexander-Flood.

For months and months, I poured over every tiny decision in this room. I have never invested as much energy into decorating a whole house as I have into this one room and I’m the luckiest to have a husband who went above and beyond to make my vision possible.

Let’s discuss every single detail, shall we?

1.  Paint Color 2. Glider 3. Pouf 4. Side Table  5. Curtains

Our theme is zoo animals, the best possible theme.

This beautiful rug is washable, thank god, and our glider and ottoman (it’s technically called a pouf) are so comfortable and perfect for feedings and cuddling. You can only kind of see, but on the arm of our glider is a beautiful baby blanket made for Malcolm by his aunt Anne.

THIS WALL, you guys.

1.  Bookshelf 2. Lion 

There’s nothing I love more than a well-stocked bookshelf. My lovely friends and family made this beauty possible and I can’t wait to read every one of these books 150 times to Malcolm.

Warren originally insisted the lion head was too taxidermy-like, but I won him over, obviously. Oh, and these pictures were taken before the final baby proofing was completed- that cord is now hidden and safe, I promise!

1.  Giraffe 2. Elephant Garland 3. Alphabet Print 4. Hippo Print 5. Malcolm 

Y’all, I’m so into this fireplace situation. It’s the only part of the room I didn’t have perfectly envisioned from day one and the part where Warren helped the most (and by that I mean he said no to 40 different things I sent before we finally agreed on anything- this is also why I didn’t ask for his opinion on anything else).

He did insist on the big MALCOLM and I’m so glad he did. Ginny the giraffe was a must-have from the second we chose zoo animals as our theme and I had my eye on that elephant garland for months.

1.  Crib 2. Sheets 3. Animal Prints 

Just about everyone has these animal prints in their nursery, but who cares, I love them so much. The sheets were one of the first things I fell in love with and they’re so cute up close. Don’t mind one of four baby monitors creeping over the crib (my husband is insane).

1.  Changing Table 2. Changing Pad Cover 3. Laundry Basket 4. Diaper Pail 

Poor Warren. I wouldn’t consent to putting the laundry basket outside the closet unless it was on theme so he found this sweet elephant guy. But look how cute he is!

1.  M Print 2. Shelves 3. Musical Toys

Nicknamed the deplorables from their time spent in a basket while we got the nursery ready, all of these animals watching over sweet Malcolm are special.

Checker, the panda on the top shelf, is the group’s leader and my most cherished childhood friend who I only stopped cuddling at night because I got scared Ella would think she was a toy. As soon as I told my dear friend Elizabeth the theme for the nursery, she sent along Babar, the best zoo animal out there.

Warren bought Bo when he worked at the White House and kept him in plastic in his closet at his parents’ house for years, waiting to give it to his first child. Isn’t that the cutest thing you’ve ever heard? And also tragic? Who keeps a stuffed animal in plastic?? Pouncer, the panther, is of course Lagrange College’s mascot and we’re sure he’s going to be a beloved friend of Malcolm who already has eight outfits to wear to game days.

Guys, this print! It is so special and so adorable and I can’t wait to go through all of these M words with Malcolm.

1.  Toy Bins 2. Magnet Board 

Y’all, Warren took the closet door off, tore out the inside uselessness, and installed an amazing closet system. He’s my hero.

That’s it! Thank you for indulging me with this obsessive post on Malcolm’s nursery. There aren’t enough words to describe how much we love him, and this nursery, the first way we could express it, is so special to us.

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