Who to Follow On Instagram: Dog Edition

I am back to help you curate your Instagram feeds! This time, we’re going to discuss which “famous” dogs you should follow. You need puppies in your life — trust me! Puppies make you giggle and warm your heart and are so adorable. Puppies are also a nice break between the sunsets and the selfies and the pictures from parties you weren’t invited to.

Now before we begin, I must admit that I follow all of these (and a few more), even the ones I tell you not to follow. In my opinion, they’re all gems. But… some are a little more consistently enjoyable than others. And those are the ones you need in your daily feed.

 Who to Follow

Harlow, Sage, Indiana & Reese

Oh my goodness you guys, these three puppies! I can’t handle these three puppies. So first of all, these dogs are all kind of weird looking while still being beautiful. On top of that, they look really weird and beautiful together. On top of that, they love to cuddle all together so much that it is actually absurd and like someone made them up from inside my deepest desires.

Harlow, the big beauty, is remarkably patient and has great comedic timing. Sage is now in doggie heaven and that’s all I can say before I start crying. Indiana is your typical middle child and Reese is the littlest wild one.

harlow 3

*Images source: instagram.com/harlowandsage

The Dogist

So The Dogist is not one dog, but many many dogs. I think of it as a puppy version of Humans of New  York. The Dogist basically wanders around and takes portraits of people’s dogs out on walks. I love to say, “this one can be Ella’s boyfriend” all the time because let me tell you- there are some eligible bachelors in that crew.

HOWEVER, the one fault with The Dogist is it just says the name, age, location, and breed of the dog in the captions. I mean, why can’t we pretend like the dogs are saying something funny or profound or dumb just like the HONY humans do? If I ever meet The Dogist with Ella, I’m going to demand she gets a funny caption and then I’m going to panic and say something stupid and ruin it for everyone.

*Images source: instagram.com/thedogist


I love a good gimmick as much as the next girl and I’m DOWN for this one.Wrangler is the sweetest puppy being trained to be a Guide Dog, while being “brought up” on the Today Show. I don’t even watch the Today Show and I love this puppy.

He is quite cute and obviously getting tons of training so he poses very well in all pictures no matter what weird thing they do to him.  And, as a Labrador, he has the most expressive eyes which always make your little heart melt. They are always very perked up and serious, as he is definitely staring at the treat in the photographers hand.

*Images source: instagram.com/wranglertoday

Max & Tonkey

Once again, we have puppy siblings that are bizarre looking and adorable at the same time. Tonkey is the one with the mushiest face that looks like a bear. She seems to be the star, and look, I love a funny looking dog as much as the next girl (that’s a lie — I only like them if they’re funny looking AND cute). But I’m also very into  Max, the shy older sister who is so chill and seems quite sweet.

But Tonkey apparently reacts to humidity just like me and well, we might be kindred spirits.

*Images source: instagram.com/bearcoat_tonkey

Wacha Cohen

It’s Andy Cohen’s dog! Why on earth am I telling you to follow Andy Cohen’s dog? Well, he’s really cute in that all-American dog kind of way, sometimes he hangs out with Sarah Jessica Parker, and he does cool rich people things like ride in black cars and visit the Hamptons. He’s a sweetheart, for real.

*Images source: instagram.com/bearcoat_tonkey


Okay, I actually promise you that I did not write this post just to get you to follow me on Instagram, I PROMISE IT. But I can’t talk about puppies on Instagram and not give my baby girl the shout out she deserves. Ella is my Golden Retriever girl and she is a doll. I like to post pictures of her being a mush face and pictures of her gorgeous smile. But full disclosure, if you follow me, I also post a lot of random fan pictures for Bachelorette couplesBeyoncé, Taylor Swift, Kimye, etc.


Now I shall be a little rude.

Who Not to Follow


So Trotter is REAL cute, actually, and always wearing ridiculous outfits. But they post so few pictures of him that it’s actually insane. The most recent post was 5 weeks ago! I mean, come on. You have over 200,000 followers — get it together. Also, don’t put a wig on a dog, that is just plain rude.

*Images source: instagram.com/BellaHadid

Menswear Dog

This one was actually quite hard to include as a don’t follow because Menswear Dog is a DOLL and I met him at BookCon and he was SO CALM while all these strangers pet him, it was actually remarkable. If you have a lot of room in your heart and your instagram feed, keep him followed. But if you’re cutting back, I find the feed overall to be a little lacking in personality.

*Images source: instagram.com/HaileyBaldwin

The Puppy Town

Puppy Town can’t be all that bad because it’s all puppies and who doesn’t love puppies? Psychos, that’s who. BUT sometimes I’m like, is this a stock image? Other times, it’s like, “for crying out loud, stop trying to sell me a dumb t-shirt about wanting to hang out with my dog. Make it a tank top at the very least!”

*Images source: instagram.com/BehatiPrinsloo


Alright, get to it right away and follow these puppies! Did I miss any of your favorites? Let me know below and enjoy these new beauties in your life.

Next time we’ll discuss which faux-famous people to follow (think Derek Blasberg).

*Feature image sources: TheDogist, TheRealWacha, Harlow & Sage, Bearcoat_Tonkey.


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