The Mindy Project Recap: Season 4, Episode 26

Ah, after watching the season finale of The Mindy Project, I’m so conflicted and stressed and nervous and anxious and impatient. So, basically it was a perfect cliff-hanger finale?

Look, I’m not sure I’m excited about either of the directions The Mindy Project might go at the start of the next season, but you can be sure I’m going to watch to find out. And they made the viewers  feel as much of a jumbled mess as poor Mindy is at our holy shit ending.

We start with Danny getting ready to tell Mindy he’s getting married. Look, honestly, if it’s this hard to tell your ex you’ve moved on, you’re probably doing it too fast?

But in pure Danny form, he responds to Mindy’s warm interest and concern by chickening out and putting her down about her messy apartment. As she freaks out about being a bad mother, he brushes her off, leaves without telling her, and drops the invite in the mail—um, literally the worst possible way to tell the mother of your child you’re marrying someone else. Ugh, Danny, you’re so Danny lately.

Without this news weighing her down, Mindy’s getting ready for her girls trip to Miami with Chelsea and Whitney (hi, can this be an alternate reality episode that we actually get to see? PLEASE). Mindy needs some space from Jody who is trying everything he can think of to beg her for her forgiveness.

As Jody tries to read Mindy his 30-page formal apology (I would listen to that, how adorable), Tamra and Jeremy are disagreeing on appropriate office attire (apparently not crop top scrubs?) when all of Mindy’s extra clothes start a contact fire in the office.

Mindy explains that she has nowhere to keep her clothes with Leo in her closet, giving Jody an idea for a truly epic apology gift: building Mindy a walk in closet while she’s in Miami.

Her Miami trip gets put on hold UNFORTUNATELY when Leo gets suspended from his Quaker preschool for biting a girl. (I used to bite. I stopped, I’m normal now. Chill.)

In the meeting with the preschool head, Danny puts all the blame on Mindy (of course) and all of her working responsibilities. This is so bizarre! What does working have to do with biting? Like, literally nothing, you monster.

Why Mindy leaves this meeting still being open to liking Danny, I will never understand, but as they try to leave, they get stuck in the elevator. I love a good being stuck in the elevator storyline.

Mindy freaks out (duh), especially when she realizes they’ll probably be stuck overnight and she’ll miss her awesome sex trip to Miami.

Danny, ever the misogynist, adamantly does not want to hear about her having sex or happiness with anyone else. If not with him, she doesn’t deserve it, right? Ugh, men.

Instead he tells her some of his own dating horror stories, avoiding telling her the only story he actually needs to: THAT HE’S GETTING MARRIED.

Mindy responds to Danny’s stories about himself with one also about him. One day, she spotted him on the street and followed him around, remembering why she loved him in the first place. She then had to cut off their friendship to avoid getting too attached.

Danny loves hearing about himself, so he admits that he told Jody to leave Mindy alone after his letter arrived at his mailbox instead. Is Mindy supposed to think this is cute? I don’t understand this; I would be so mad.

She does though, both because she’s feeling down on the chance of her and Jody and because hey, there’s a lot of history there.

Given ample opportunity to tell her he’s getting married, Danny instead kisses her. And ugh, I hate how good they are at kissing each other. WHY, DANNY, WHY.

Back with Jody, who unfortunately is not that good at kissing her, he lets Morgan start the work of the walk in closet (bad idea). Morgan of course puts a hole in the ceiling, upsetting Mindy’s upstairs neighbor Old Man Horowitz.

Jody goes up to deal with him and comes back the new owner of the apartment. WHAT. This man is crazy and I’m kind of into it?

Colette, like all of us, continues to face Jody’s feelings with confusion, but seeing how committed he is to her, she gets on board. And I guess I kind of do to? Not like, fully on board obviously, but on board enough to want to watch them actually try to date? I mean, maybe. I don’t know, I’m still conflicted.

Poor Jody though. Mindy and Danny leave their little elevator sex-fling saying, “I love you” to each other without any real idea of what to do next. Danny, apparently entirely blocking out the fact that he has a fiancé and sent Mindy a wedding invitation, ambles off as happily as Mindy does.

When she gets upstairs, she finds Jody who takes her upstairs to her expanded apartment where Leo can have a room for himself. Jody wants to take care of Mindy for a change and hey, I really like that he sees the good in Mindy. With Danny, it’s like Mindy sees the good in Danny and that’s why he loves her? Jody loves her for being her.

Oh yeah, I guess he loves her now? So buying her an apartment is now totally sane (obviously not). He tells her so as Mindy blurts out what we’re all thinking, “Holy shit.” The camera pans down to Danny’s wedding invite on Mindy’s table and then the episode ends.


So clearly, Danny and Mindy aren’t going to work out, but is it going to jeopardize Jody and Mindy? Should it?

I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

Some important weekly things:

Outfit of the Episode:

  • I feel like there was a lot of hype on the yellow outfit and she did look great in it the morning after with Danny, but this green lace number is AMAZING on her. Is it way too much for work? Yes, but that’s Mindy.

*Image source:

 Favorite Jokes I Almost Missed

  • “I was saving that dress for the funeral of an enemy. That’s who did this: Kelly Ripa! Kelly Ripa did this!”
  • #ScrubsShaming
  • “You bought her an apartment and you made me chip in on the pizza?”

*Feature Image source: Originally seen on The AV Club; Hulu

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