The Mindy Project Recap: Season 4, Episode 25

Well, we had an episode! I didn’t feel great about any of it?

In this week’s The Mindy Project, as things kind of move forward in Mindy and Jody land, everything about the episode felt off to me.

  • There were so many plot holes! Yeah, chill out on having perfect plot, I know – it’s a romcom! But when it’s this much, you can’t ignore them.
  • Everything felt forced! Like the writers were trying to tell us why we should like Mindy and Jody together instead of just showing us? Come on, we all know the number one writer’s rule is show not tell.
  • Why did Jody look so weird? Is it the beard? Is it the red lipstick from Mindy? I was not feeling him.

With episodes like this, I kind of just sigh and wait for the next one, because I know The Mindy Project won’t do me like this for long. Right, guys? You won’t, will you? You know I love you so much.

We start the episode right where we left off, and yeah, that kiss was just as awkward as I remembered it. Mindy starts apologizing immediately and Jody walks out super weirdly.

She obviously freaks out, but he’s just going to text Courtney to set up their break up lunch. Of COURSE Courtney has a hairless cat and immediately assumes he’s going to propose.

The next day, Mindy is out of it at work and Morgan notices, prompting her to tell him about the kiss. With some yelling, Mindy gets out of Morgan that Jody’s been into her for months.

She’s mad, but mostly pretty rational that if he wanted to date her, he would. Nothing’s stopping him. Well, except I guess Danny is? EXCEPT HE ISN’T AT ALL.

Morgan tells everyone in the office about the kiss and they proceed to debate whether Mindy and Jody would make a good couple. For real, this was way too obvious for me.

I know that normal people would discuss something like this, but this was like a giant hand trying to force us into liking them as a couple. Chill out, yo. Why not try just making them more romantic, believable, and inevitable?

Anyways, apparently Morgan thinks they’re not together only because Danny told Jody not to date Mindy. Seriously, when has Jody cared about that at all except for the two minutes after that conversation? It’s clearly not stopping him! So why are we wasting time on it? I guess to get some Danny time, and hey, I love Danny time. He’s as ridiculous and lovably awful as ever, but find a better way.

Morgan and Jeremy head to Danny’s office to tell him to give Jody permission, but of course Sarah, Danny’s nurse and girlfriend (yeah, he definitely said girlfriend not fiancé and she didn’t flinch at all, sure) overhears and freaks out.

Sarah, played by Greta Gerwig, is relatively delightful in an insane way and for her sake, Danny agrees Mindy can date whoever she wants. But wait… why do we care what he says? Does anyone then tell Jody this news? Nope!

Meanwhile, Courtney survived the break up lunch without a break up or a proposal, but comes storming in to yell at Jody when she finds out he gave her chlamydia. Wait.This makes sense and all (of course he has an STD), but they just started having sex and didn’t discuss all of his previous unprotected sex?

Why are these DOCTORS so irresponsible about sex? Have as much as you want, but at least get tested/use a condom/talk about it.

Jody hopes Courtney will dump him because of it, but he underestimates how hard it is to date in New York so he’s forced to just do it himself. He does and she storms out to announce to the office that Dr. K gave him chlamydia. You go, girl.

Jody asks Tamra and Beverly to keep it a secret, which is obviously not going to happen. They text Jeremy and Morgan who have just entered the subway triumphantly while being stalked by Sarah.

Sarah insists on being taken to meet Mindy since Danny won’t tell her anything about her. Dude, all of Danny’s behavior should be a warning to you- not anything about Mindy. But Morgan plays along and sneaks her in as a patient.

Mindy’s all excited as she meets Sarah because she just asked Jody out on a date. Sarah is pretty weird in this doctor’s appointment, but she gets what she wants out of Mindy: news that she’s interested in a new guy.

Look, if Sarah is jealous/worried enough to lie about who she is to meet her fiancé’s ex, she’s not going to be soothed by that conversation. But sure. Oh wait, did I say fiancé? Apparently she and Danny are getting married!

They’ve been dating, what, like two minutes? Morgan heads to Danny’s to insist that he tell Mindy what’s going on and Danny gives a depressing speech about being happy without drama.

“I’m in my 40s now. I don’t want a roller coaster. I don’t even want Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride. Maybe the monorail-that’s good for me. I’ll just sit there, look out the window, watch other people have fun.”

Poor guy. Danny agrees to tell Mindy so all’s well in that world except Morgan remembers right on time to tell Dr. L that Jody has chlamydia.

So despite Jody looking around Mindy’s condom-free apartment (nope, don’t buy it) for make-shift condoms (EW), the jig is still up.

Mindy doesn’t take the news well, or doesn’t take that he didn’t tell her well. And that’s completely fair. But also, this should just be a huge fight, not an immediate end of the relationship. I mean, for sure for some people it would be the end. But we know it’s not going to be! So why pretend?

Anyways, sorry for being so cranky in this recap! I love The Mindy Project dearly and am always sad when I feel not nice about it. They do finales so well, though. Come on, guys! I believe in you.

Some important weekly things:

Outfit of the Episode:

  • I’m going to give it to both of these dresses on Mindy and Sarah. Could I please have one of each?

*Image source:

 Favorite Jokes I Almost Missed

  • “After I kissed him, he ran out of my office. It was like Jon Hamm at Equinox all over again.”
  • “Could your doctor be wrong? You did say she.”
  • “You only had two whiskeys. That’s like what you have when you go on a jog!”

*Feature Image source: Originally seen on The AV Club; Hulu

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