The Mindy Project Recap: Season 4, Episode 23

Hey, The Mindy Project: way to prove me wrong! Stan is back! Oh wait, I mean Drew is back! Once my BFF discovered that Drew is in fact Stan from Mad Men, I can only think of him as Stan (ah, the perils of being a great character actor).

So hey, we have a new love interest for Mindy that’s actually sticking around. Here’s the thing: he’s kind of boring? Maybe I only like him more this episode since this Stan discovery? But despite being shockingly normal for this show, I think he’s actually probably the kindest match we’ve seen for Mindy?

I feel like she no longer needs a man to push her to be a better person, yelling at her along the way. (Did she ever need this?) (I mean, I guess all relationships should kind of do this, but yawn.)

Now, she can date someone who just really likes her/is compatible with her/makes her happy? Bland as you may be, Drew/Stan, I’m rooting for you.

This week, Mindy is super chipper at the office after a sex-filled Princeton weekend with Drew/Stan, but instead of gossiping about it like usual, she lies to her coworkers and talks about the KonMari method (please, make fun of this more).

When Morgan asks why she’s so secretive, she admits she doesn’t want to tell everyone just to have it fall apart. This is real. I’ve kept a relationship a secret before too and I honestly think the few weeks without pressure were remarkably helpful: 10/10, would recommend.

At one of Schulman & Associates many office meetings, Jeremy shares news that patients at the practice are down 15%. I mean, this for sure blows, but wouldn’t they expect to have less patients when they have less doctors? Or is that down from what the three of them had? I guess it’s bad either way? I’m not a doctor, what do I know.

Of course, everyone blames it on Mindy and Danny’s breakup which makes sense, but that’s lame. People break up, it happens. Danny left because he couldn’t take it, not Mindy.  

Anyways, there’s also a big softball game that Mindy passes on because of her secret relationship (you never need an excuse to opt out of the office softball league). As the team preps for their game and Mindy preps for her NYC weekend with Drew/Stan, Jody tries to fix Colette’s relationship with his new girlfriend, Courtney, who is apparently still here, also! Courtney is fine, but Colette is not having any of it.

Tamra and Jody convince Colette to hang out with Courtney, if only for the chance to eat a $16 burger at Hambagu, Momofuku’s latest concept restaurant. This is clearly the worst idea for Colette who is just so flustered that there is no ketchup at a hamburger restaurant. Girl, I feel you hard.

At the end of the dinner, Colette still hates Courtney even though it’s kind of hard to see why. She’s annoying, but not insufferable. This ends up being a problem for the OB/GYN softball game though. When Jody pays attention to Courtney and not Colette, Colette rage blackouts and throws her hardest pitch directly at Courtney’s face.

Okay, is being hit in the face with a stray baseball anyone else’s constant fear at a baseball game? Just me? Hmm.

Morgan calls Mindy to rescue the team, fulfilling the dreaded three women per team rule. She agrees when he promises it will only take a half hour which shows you how little Mindy knows about softball. No softball game in history has ever been over in a half hour.

At the game, Mindy keeps texting Drew/Stan that she is just running a little late, even as the hours go by. When they win the first game because the dermatologists had to forfeit to avoid the sun, Mindy tries to leave.

On her way out, she hears their next opponents, the Orthopedics department saying they’re surprised Schulman & Associates didn’t fold when Dr. Castellano left. In her most badass moment of the episode, Mindy steps in to intercept the softball being tossed during their shit-talking, stands up for her practice, and heads back to the field to help Team OB/GYN win.

Instead of asking Drew/Stan to join, which would be the practical thing, she lies by omission, affirming that she has a delivery to complete.

In the sweetest move ever, Drew/Stan heads to the hospital to drop off a surprise bear claw.

Instead of finding Mindy, he finds Jody, who refuses to believe he’s dating Mindy and then tells Drew/Stan where Mindy really is. Drew/Stan miraculously finds their team at Central Park (this would take me hours, I swear) and is there to catch Mindy in her lie.

She tells him why she’s scared to tell people and he is so sweet when he says, “but what if it works out?” Ah, you’re too nice for this world, Drew/Stan.

He’s understanding and chill and helps coach the team to a victory, as Mindy catches the ball in right field and sprains her ankle.

At the hospital, Mindy tells her coworkers the truth: this handsome man with leadership skills is her boyfriend. Jody did NOT look happy, but hey, get over it. You have a girlfriend too.

Can we have at least one more episode where Mindy and Drew/Stan are happy before Jody messes it up? Is this too much to ask? I like them.

We shall see next week!

Some important weekly things:

Outfit of the Episode:

  • I feel blasphemous for saying this, but I didn’t really love anything this episode. I guess I’ll give it to this yellow dress?

*Image source: The Mindy Project Style

 Favorite Jokes I Almost Missed

  • “Personally, I think a hamburger is concept enough. Beef on a roll?”
  • “Which one of you is Jody?”
  • Courtney’s family is going on a cruise to the Galapogos Islands, where “Charles Darwin indulged his fanciful notions.”

*Feature Image source: Originally seen on The AVClub; Hulu

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