The Mindy Project Recap: Season 4, Episode 19

It’s time to backslide this week on The Mindy Project, both with Pastor Casey (always pro Pastor Casey time), and also with a few story lines (stop making fun of Hamilton!) (stop having Jody realize he has to tell Mindy he likes her only to not tell her he likes her!)

Mindy and Jeremy are at their first meeting of the Schulman & Associates Musical Theater Appreciation Society, shortly after Mindy got kicked out of Hamilton for getting on stage to freestyle. (I literally had to give myself a pep talk to survive some more Hamilton hate.)

Their meal gets paid for by none other than Pastor Casey who I love so much, can she just be his best friend like with Peter so we can still see him all the time? He’s still absurd and mic drops with a fork when Mindy realizes he bought them dinner.

He’s in town to open Dope Feet in New York, where only two white people are allowed in the store at the same time (wait, this is pretty legit rule). He has his friends along who Mindy has obviously met and forgotten, including Marcus, who she thinks is name Altheum (totally just guessing this spelling). Altheum is clearly not about Mindy.

The next day Mindy asks the office for advice on whether she should date Casey again or not. Everyone’s very against it (like, why? I’m pro backsliding/think I pissed off my fiancé when I said I backslid with him), but Mindy’s going to do it anyways.

She goes on what is clearly a date with Casey (he holds her hand, calls her babe, pays- standard), but at the end of the night Casey tells her he can’t date her again. His friends hate her and she broke his heart. Friends hating someone is no reason not to date them, duh. But sure, the breaking his heart thing is legit.

Distraught about it the next day at work, Mindy gets solid advice from Tamra:

“When you’re dating a guy who’s hella crewed up, you have to get in tight with the crew.”

With this new mission in mind, Mindy brings Jeremy along to the Dope Feet launch party where she plans to use her five step plan for winning over a guy’s friends. The steps are basically shots and talking about sports and Die Hard (which, sadly, actually is an effective plan for winning over guy friends).

Her plan works with Jace and Trace but Marcus is not falling for her cool girl act. He’s upset that she’s always trying to change Casey– like how she won’t let him get absurd minutely topical tattoos.

Casey clearly thinks two out of three friends isn’t too bad, so he goes on another date with Mindy, arriving on a hummer board (of course he has a hummer board). They end up hooking up, but Mindy’s distracted the whole time by his extremely poor tattoo choices, like one of pizza rat (lol), and a minion dressed like Shrek. Who does he think will like these tattoos? I don’t get it.

Mindy’s feeling like she probably needs to break up with him, despite being super attracted to his face and body. This gets confirmed for her when she and Jeremy bump into Marcus at Buchanan, one of Buzzfeed’s Top 28 Gay Musicals.

Okay so, they’re making fun of Hamilton, right? Or they’re making fun of how nuts people are about Hamilton? I have this bus-sized blind spot for anything funny about Hamilton because I can only speak of it with awe and respect. Oh, they’re making fun of people like me? Hmm. Can someone get these writers some tickets to Hamilton ASAP so they stop making fun of my beloved?

Anyways, when Marcus apologizes to Mindy, they flirt-fight a little, which is Mindy’s ideal way of flirting, so of course she’s now into Marcus instead of Casey.

Speaking of people Mindy likes to flirt-fight with, Jody is still dating Ashley the virgin and loving it. But this is 2016, so of course Ashley the virgin has a blog about her virginity: “Celibacy in the City.” (Calling all virgins in New York: get this blog and start it. It’ll take off and you know it.)

Tamra discovers it (it took the top spot away from her blog Tamra Shade Shack) and she and Mindy realize it’s definitely Ashley talking about Jody as Colonel Suspenders.

On the blog she whines about Jody’s old fashioned way of dressing. Are you kidding me? She’s wearing some ugly ass pink sweater set and she’s going to complain about his suspenders? Nah, girl.

Tamra and Morgan help him get some fancy clothes which solves that problem but then Ashley has another one. Ashley, bye. But okay, fine, her problem is legitimate – Jody is obsessed with his coworker Mindy.

When Morgan alerts Jody of the blog post, he rushes off to ask Ashley to take it down (boy, a blogger isn’t about to take anything down) and she helps him realize (yet again) how much he actually likes Mindy.

Unfortunately, when he walks in to tell Mindy, she’s sad about Casey and excited about liking Marcus. Poor Jody. But also, guys, just tell people how you feel! It’s scary and sure, I completely look on my many failed attempts with dumb boys I liked that didn’t like me back with embarrassment and horror, but at least I didn’t waste six months thinking about them (okay, I mean, I probably still did, but I tried).

And then maybe we could have a slightly different story line with Jody instead of the same one every week?

Poor Jody gives up again and Mindy heads back to Buchanan to tell Marcus she likes him. Wait, that’s pretty shitty of Marcus to ask her out. Dude, she almost married your friend! I’m all for ex and friend dating under certain circumstances, but this seems too much.

But I do think I like Marcus and he’s black so people will stop yelling at Mindy for dating only white guys, so we all win.

Some important weekly things:

Outfit of the Episode:

  • Mindy was looking HOT this episode. Like for real, I commented on it out loud to myself. For sure giving this to the red dress which I’m pretty sure was a shortened version of her dress for the Costume Designers Guild Awards:

*Image source:

 Favorite Jokes I Almost Missed

  • “You know I love you but it’s harder to get people to like you who aren’t paying.”
  • Lol Amber Rose is premiering a line of Aqua Socks at the Dope Feet party (guys, this is a burn on Rob Kardashian).
  • Jody telling Morgan he doesn’t have time to talk about his clothes while he spins around to button his jacket- amazing.

*Feature Image source: Originally seen on EW; Hulu

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