The Mindy Project Recap: Season 4, Episode 15

Honestly there are really only three things to discuss about this episode:

  • Tamra as Isabella van Amsterdam, the nude panties for women of color entrepreneur. I mean, come on with that, it’s too good.
  • The amazing gift that was the dog explosion. So many cute dogs!! That Pyrenees’s face while Mindy and Bryan(T!) talked was to die for.
  • OH LORD are we getting a will they/won’t they with Mindy and Jody? I HAVE SO MANY MIXED FEELINGS.

Okay, I guess other stuff also happened. This was mostly a very low stakes episode, which I am GRATEFUL for. I’ve been too stressed watching this show!

Mindy is on a date with the cute new guy from The Walking Dead in a totally inappropriate for a wings place outfit and new guy is too distracted by sports. Wait, who’s idea was it to go to a sports bar for a first date?

Fortunately, cute new guy is also apparently sweet so he explains the “sportsacane” and helps Mindy enjoy all of the athletic events. When he drops her off, she asks him in even though Morgan and Leo are inside? Of course.

Also, we get to see Leo cry and it’s the cutest kid cry I’ve even seen. Can all kids cry like that?

So the next day, Mindy asks for advice on how to tell Bryan(T!) that she has a kid and everyone at work makes Mindy think the new relationship is doomed to fail because of Leo.

But it’s not! At least not for that reason. I’ve got to say, I was pleasantly surprised the whole episode wasn’t some hijinks around Mindy figuring out a way to tell Bryan(T!) that she has a kid. She just tells him straight out and he’s really chill about it, admitting he has his own baggage- a broken engagement.

Now, of course everyone at work is worried their relationship is moving too fast when they find out Bryan(T!) is taking her to a wedding over the weekend.

Tamra, always queen, says, “Oh my god what is everyone’s problem. You’re worried he doesn’t like her, now you’re worried he likes her too much. You should just not care, like me.” (I have like a real obsession problem with Tamra.)

Maybe they were right, though. Mindy finds out it’s not just any wedding, it’s Bryan(T!)’s brother’s wedding. She finds out his name is Bryan(T!) with a T and not Bryan, which causes her to say his name hysterically for the rest of the episode. She’s rightfully a little concerned that things are a little fast and weird, but Bryan(T!) calms her down.

ALSO, there was a great kind of double sided joke that I so didn’t get the first time around.

  • Mindy meets Bryan(T!)’s mom and assumes she knows her from her Youtube reviews of Serial.
  • But then Mindy says, “Keep crunching!” And I’m like, “Wait, what on earth does that have to do with Serial?”
  • OHHHH she reviews cereal not Serial? Lol.
  • A+ Joke, TMP writers.

Meanwhile, Collette and Morgan are planning to move in together because they are friends and they wear the same Croc size (oh lord). Collette is scared because Jody is very protective (and apparently clingy?). He acts chill when Collette tells him but then fires Morgan. Seems reasonable?

Mindy comes in to Morgan sleeping in her office because he was fired.  Apparently they fire and rehire him every couple of months so they don’t have to pay into his 401K , but Morgan says this one is different. Mindy convinces Jody to check out the apartment and let Collette do what she wants (and I guess it’s also implied rehire Morgan?). The apartment, with wall to wall floors, is pretty legit and also huge for NY so Jody signs off on it (for now).

Back at the office, Tamra finds out Bryan(T!) took Mindy to his brother’s wedding on the third date and immediately volunteers her social stalking services to find out how crazy he is. She finds out his engagement only ended two months ago (wait, didn’t Mindy just stop sleeping with Danny too?) so they head to the ex-fiancé’s office to do some recon.

Tamra builds an amazing back story to get a meeting with Theresa, the ex-fiancé– they’re Isabella and Barb van Amsterdam and they’re there to sell nude panties for women of color! She gives a pitch that would for sure get a Shark Tank offer from Lori and Theresa is down (uh, as any good venture capitalist would be).

Tamra/Isabella insists on vetting Theresa more and they discover Bryan(T!) sent a picture of him and Mindy (sleeping) to Theresa to prove that he’s doing okay which is obviously evidence that he’s doing horribly.

Mindy knows she’ll have to break it off with cute Bryan(T!) and conveniently finds him at Morgan and Collette’s house-warming party. I love that Mindy comes in, what is for her, a grungy outfit because she doesn’t think the party merits a cute dress.

She takes Bryan(T!) off to end it because she wants a guy who wants to date her for her, not just to prove that he’s over someone else. MEANWHILE, they are in a room full of adorable dogs, including the beautiful Pyranees who stares/droops all mopey like in the background.


*Image source:

I mean, seriously, I wish every TV show would give us more cute animals. Are we ever going to complain about cute animals? No way.

The cute animals get out and reek havoc on the party, biting Jeremy, of course. Jody comes in and is all clingy like, having rented the apartment above Collette’s and Morgan’s. Collette is over his over-protectiveness and yells at him that he’s just using living with her as an excuse to avoid a real relationship (which, yes that is what’s happening here).

Mindy goes after Jody to comfort him and they have a great friend chat where they each make the other one feel better. Then it gets weird… and all of a sudden, we have some romantic tension between Jody and Mindy! What!? When?!

I mean. I don’t even know how to process.

On one hand, I really like Jody! And I think he and Mindy have good chemistry! On the other hand, I like how they are as friends! Why we gotta mess that up? (Okay, this is the number one excuse of all men who don’t want to date their friends.) On the other hand, it does seem like a natural progression for how close they’ve gotten! On the other hand, isn’t he a little too much like Danny? I mean he is more supportive, but he’s just as stubborn, and rigid, and traditional, and a little too full of himself.

On the other hand, how does a romcom show even survive without a will they/won’t they situation?

I’m just going to remain very skeptical, but I’ll like it too? I need to ask my mom’s opinion on Jody because she was always right about Danny being a jerk and I was too blinded too see.

Please bring the dogs back every week, TMP writers. We’d love it so much.

Some important weekly things:

Outfit of the Episode:

  • Duh the dress from the wedding:

*Image source:

 Favorite Jokes I Almost Missed:

  • “Once a Kimball-Kinney’s made up their mind, that horse is as good as glue”
  • “I’m not getting tased again! That can’t be good for me long-term.”
  • Collette trying to get rid of Jody: “We shouldn’t be living together at our age. You know Grey Gardens runs in our family!”

*Feature Image source: Originally seen on The AV Club; Hulu

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