The Mindy Project Recap: Season 4, Episode 14

The Mindy Project is back! I’ve missed it so. And I don’t think I watch anything quite like it, because it took me a minute to get used to it again. Not that I didn’t love it all the time, but I couldn’t keep up! As Tamra would say, “Am I old?”

I was also pretty nervous about how they were going to handle Mindy and Danny. I stayed nervous throughout because I hate Danny now (WHAT UNIVERSE DO WE LIVE IN) and I was so worried they weren’t going to really go for it with the breakup but also I didn’t want to be really sad again and also I wanted it to still be believable and also, it turns out I was expecting a lot out of this episode.

We start off with a quick little recap and catch up montage and yes, Leo is the cutest baby in the world. I loved so much of this montage:

  • I love that even though Mindy realized there were real problems with her relationship, she didn’t just walk away without trying to fix it.
  • I also like that we didn’t have to see them trying to fix it!
  • Notice how Danny bailed on couples counseling just like his ex-wife Christina did to him? Boo Danny.
  • The only time we see Mindy cry all episode is about giving away her clothes and not about Danny. But, girlfriend. Get some clothes racks and make it your room’s decoration! Giving away your clothes is not the only answer!
  • They showed us so many of our favorite characters without having to give everyone a storyline. Hi Peter!

But so a couple minutes in, we’re caught up to the new normal: Mindy and Danny are broken up and Danny left the practice as we learn later to presumably grow a beard and chill? I don’t hate it. Mindy’s clinic is doing well, Leo is still cute, etc. etc.

So here we are right before the Later Baby Spring Break, where college girls will spend eight medically supervised days in New York to freeze their eggs for the future. I have two real life thoughts about this:

  • Can you really freeze your eggs in eight days? I knew someone who did it and I feel like she was doing stuff over months, but I mean, this is a TV show, it’s fine.
  • OMG the woman who “won” The Bachelor during Chris Soules season (don’t worry, she’s free of Chris Soules now), opened the exact same type of clinic! And had another Bachelor contestant be her first patient. Too nuts.

Okay, back to Mindy. They won’t let Morgan chaperone because he’s a felon and sure, that makes sense, but he is so innocent with women it’s not even funny. Jody is obviously a bigger threat except that now he’s sleeping with women his own age and then playing xbox with their kids.

We meet all the girls, include Chloe, a bitch who legit says Hamilton sounds boring. EXSQUEEZE ME? I immediately hate this girl and am down for none of the doctor’s knowing how to say her name throughout the episode. But for real, one of the greatest joys of this episode is Tamra talking so straight forwardly about Hamilton:

“What, you’re not interested in the early history of the U.S. Treasury Department?”

Tamra is so perfect and about to abuse her power as a chaperone all week, “Let’s get these pap smears cracking- come on, ladies!” So Tamra and Mindy are supposed to be in charge of the Hamilton trip that night (okay for real those doctors’ dropped BANK to get that many tickets). Jody (who I love more and more) nags Mindy about showing up on time.

(Okay, when I saw Hamilton, I legitimately showed up so early I had to wait outside for 30 minutes even though I already had tickets.) (Oh yeah, and you haven’t really seen Hamilton if you don’t brag about it every chance you get.) Mindy insists she’ll be fine, she just has to drop Leo off with Danny.

Jody clears his throat over and over to tell Mindy he’s nervous that she is spending too much time with Danny. Mindy insists it’s cool- it’s a modern uncoupling like Coldplay and Goop. Obviously she’s referring to conscious uncoupling- are they, like, not allowed to say that phrase on the show? (Does this mean my Conscious Coupling blog post is a no-no? Oops).

But of course, Jody was right and Danny ploys Mindy into hanging out and then SLEEPING WITH HIM. What?! This is still happening?!

Okay, I get it because break ups are messy, but no sir, I’m not cool with this development. And Mindy even misses Hamilton for Danny. No.

Jody is there to sass her the next day and he is right to do so. The girls got drunk and went off “leashing,” which sounds terrifying and is the new teen bad behavior trend of unleashing dogs. Morgan is rightfully mortified. To top it off, one of the dogs they leashed was Seth Meyer’s dog Frisbee and he is very upset.

The Schulman/Lahiri crew gather the girls to yell at them and Chloe continues to be a nightmare who even makes Tamra feel old (I love this). Jody insists on a lock-in at the offices, which to me sounds like a horrible idea, but okay. Mindy shares her amazing truth or dare story to the shock of Jody who insists she stays away from the lock-in, banned like Morgan who is now off in search of Frisbee.

Danny booty calls Mindy again (ugh), but doesn’t realize what the eggplant emoji means (thank god). They hook up, but not before Mindy tries to talk about work. He literally cannot be bothered to listen to her. Why, Mindy? Why do you sleep with him still?

She even still is okay with him after she learns he’s already sleeping with other people! Look, I get that he can and all, but MINDY GET OUT. Danny basically thinks she’s only upset because she’s worried about sleeping with other people and dude, no. Why are you so clueless?

Meanwhile, Chloe has been trying to seduce Jody, who we learn slept with her months before. When Morgan catches them, he calls Mindy to tattle, but she believes Jody when he insists he’s reformed and it was all Chloe.

She’s off to find Chloe at one of the six clubs Lil Wayne has woken up from a coma at, and she scares off Chloe’s many male suitors by yelling, “It’s me! Your cool egg doctor.”

She consoles Chloe and talks to her about the importance of moving on. Chloe’s still a monster, but it’s sweet to see a reminder that Mindy does know how to relate to her patients very well- that’s why she’s so good!

At the wrap of Later Baby Spring Break, Jody compliments Mindy as a role model and she realizes she needs to really move on from Danny (finally). She goes to tell Danny and he’s not happy with the news that they shouldn’t see each other anymore. Our Mindy is firm, thank goodness, and now they’re ready to try moving on.

Hey, from the looks of Mindy Kaling’s Instagram, it looks like she gets to date that guy from The Walking Dead, so I’m down. And for the show, it’ll be real good, I think. I’ve missed the many boyfriends!

Some important weekly things:

Outfit of the Episode:

  • There were so many dresses, this is the hardest thing I’ve ever done. For real, I wanted to pick that gray thing she was wearing as a sexy time PJ thing, but I’m going to go with the eggplant dress we got a tiny peak at:

*Image source:

 Favorite Jokes I Almost Missed:

  • After Seth Meyers tells his audience about his missing dog Frisbee, he announces, “We’ll be right back with Ruth Bader Ginsburg!” PLEASE make this happen for real.
  • The pseudo New York Post cover Morgan picks up says, “Where Friss’ Be?” which is spot on and amazing
  • Yo, I didn’t miss them, but those sex jokes throughout with Danny- I’m blushing!

*Feature image source: Originally seen on The AV Club; Hulu

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