The Mindy Project Recap: Season 4, Episode 13

Okay, so maybe I should just write this recap in emoji. I mean, I should, right? All right, if you insist.


Well, this episode was very good and very sad and one I wish I didn’t have to watch twice, like the time Mindy found out it was Danny who stood her up at the Empire State Building or the time she had to break up with him because he didn’t want to tell anyone about them dating.

Wait a second…you mean, I could have seen this coming? Ugh, I know, Mom- you’re always right.

We’ve basically got two things happening this episode: Mindy and Danny nonstop fighting about growing their family and a flashback to the day Mindy and Danny first met. I appreciate that they’ve titled this episode, “When Mindy Met Danny,” but I also take offense because I’m pretty sure Billy Crystal, though a jerk, was not as GOD AWFUL as Danny was on his first meeting with Mindy.

While in present time, Mindy finds an ornament with a selfie of her and Danny in a “First Day at Work” ornament. She’s totally surprised they’re smiling so happily since they hated each other so much. She reflects on it so we can see how horrible Danny was (cough STILL IS).

I’m feeling a little emotionally beat down from having to watch this twice so I’m doing things a little differently around here today. Let’s recap this way.

The 10 Rudest Things Danny Did on Mindy’s First Day

10. Refuse to hold the elevator door open and then not even pretend to be apologetic. Props to Mindy for saying something to him– I usually just mumble rude things under my breath and then feel bad about the mumbling all day.

9. Not let Mindy sit next to him in the office meeting. Wait, seriously? Is he a five year old?

8. Try to sabotage Mindy getting her own patients.

7. Decide to make the office a hostile work environment so Mindy will want to quit. Okay, so I get that Mindy also recently wanted to get someone fired/have them quit (hi, Jody- we love you!), but he comes to this decision before they even really have problems. He just doesn’t like her!

6. Not give Mindy the chance to cover his delivery for him when she’s clearly asking for the opportunity.

5. Gives Mindy the fart room as her office (what a great idea though, right?”).

4. Say, “It’s in the way, sweetheart” about Mindy’s new furniture. I HATE when men who are being rude jerks call women sweetheart or honey or any “term of endearment” that they’re only saying to remind you that you’re a woman and they’re a man. F that noise.

3. Literally never say thank you to Mindy for her helping his patient in a way he couldn’t. Instead, he acts like not having her fired is a treat.

2. Revel to Mindy that she was hired on accident. Seriously? You’re a monster.

1. Tell Mindy, “Come on. We’re not colleagues. You’re a joke, Mindy.” My fiancé’s jaw literally dropped during this moment.


So there we have it, Danny is the worst. After Mindy helps deliver his patient’s baby naturally, he is so rude to her that he crushes her spirit. It doesn’t matter if he tries to uncrush it later. He’s the reason it’s crushed in the first place!

I guess I should point out that he did try rather hard to get her to stay, saying if your furniture fits, then you stay and moving all her stuff in for her once it does. But, I feel like that’s just because he feels guilty!

They take a “selfer” and she gets him to be/feel truly giddy. It’s very sweet that Mindy brings out the best in him, but I’m having trouble remembering what good he does for Mindy. All we get this episode is him telling her to never let anyone stop her from doing what she wants. Well, then she’s right to wake up, head to her apartment, and measure to see if Leo’s crib can fit in her closet.

She may be right, but it was still a gut punch to watch her cry on the floor of her closet while Sam Smith played.

Mindy cried, I cried, my fiancé stormed off yelling, “I don’t’ want to be sad!”

I feel so bad for poor Mindy. I hope that Danny gets his shit together and tries to win her back, but I’m not holding my breath. In the meantime, you keep doing you, sweet Mindy. And also, about 30 seconds before Mindy said the line about changing three times, I said to my fiancé, “Why has she worn three different outfits in one day?” I guess your outfits DO appeal to women.

Some important weekly things:

Outfit of the Episode:

  • The pink one, obviously.

*Image source:

 Favorite Jokes I Almost Missed:

  • “If Mary had an apartment as cool as mine, then she probably wouldn’t have still been a virgin.”
  • “My marriage is fine! We’re seeing the Rockettes this weekend!”
  • Mindy on Danny’s office: “It’s like the principal’s office in a porno.”

*Feature image source: Originally seen on The AV Club; Hulu

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