The Mindy Project Recap: Season 4, Episode 12

Well, that was a perfect and tough and funny and crushing and sweet episode, wasn’t it? It kind of put me into a dark place for a little bit, but I’m so into what the writers are choosing to do with these characters and their story lines.

Last week, Mindy tweeted how the writers were playing with how dreams and wish-fulfillment can be so different than we expect and last night before the episode dropped, Mindy tweeted this.

Screen Shot 2015-12-01 at 3.07.35 PM

So I was prepared for some rough Mindy and Danny times and it did not disappoint. I’m really intrigued with the way they’re showing Mindy develop and grow and Danny not being able to handle it. I also am interested in how they’re showing that Danny hasn’t really changed, but it’s just what he’s doing now is bothering us more. It’s an interesting look into how we choose to see people

Anyways, I’m very surprised that I like where this is going. Usually when show creators mess with the core couple, I’m not about it at all. But I think that shows what a great job this show has done to develop these characters and to make them real.

Let’s recap!

How much sex do Danny and Mindy have? A ton of sex, it seems, but now Danny is trying to get Mindy pregnant and she’s not feeling it. He wants to not, not try, which Mindy points out is basically trying since she’s really fertile. They don’t really come to a consensus on this so neither is satisfied.

The next day, Mindy’s upset thinking about it so she confides in Morgan. He has a plan to give Danny a secret vasectomy with cousin Lou, which sounds terrifying. He also suggests she take birth control, but Mindy hates how sneaky it sounds. I totally get that, but if you’re not able to talk about what you really want with your fiancé, why do you have to be upfront with him?

Later at the hospital, we discover that Mindy and Danny keep accidentally wearing each other’s lab coats which is actually quite adorable. This is going to be inconvenient down the road!

Danny wants to take Mindy on a romantic date and she’s down. As soon as they’re in the carriage, I know something is up. Danny is just a little too “shocked” when she wants to have sex in the carriage. It hurts my heart that when he’s romantic now, I know he must be doing something bad.

I was right, of course, though. The next day, while gushing about it to Tamra and Morgan, Mindy discovers that Danny is tracking her period to find out when she ovulates. It all adds up when she remembers that he got her drunk and conveniently forgot a condom when she would no longer care.

I hate this nonsense. Danny is being a total monster right now.

Mindy goes to get birth control from Jody and gets back to work with Diana, the fertility clinic’s first successful patient, who’s almost due to give birth. Diana seems to love Mindy and is so excited, but when Danny walks in, he can’t be bothered to be nice. He is really the worst. He asks her to another romantic date, which by now she can see through, but she goes along anyways.

Before the date, Danny tells Jody that Mindy will want to leave the practice to raise more babies. This totally crosses the line in my opinion. This is not an okay thing to do to your wife- telling her business partner that she’s going to leave? No.

Luckily, Jody and Morgan care a lot more for Mindy’s wishes than Danny does. Jody tells her she needs to talk to Danny– which is right, she should. She just wants to get married and have the fight after, which is the worst idea of all time. Morgan tells Danny he needs to stop being so unsupportive. Again, at first it seems like Danny might listen to the good advice he gets, but then he finds the birth control, so we know that ain’t going to happen.

He comes to the movie late (I love that Mindy goes in and enjoys herself without him) and causes a scene.

They leave and have the saddest fight at home. Ugh I hated him in this so hard. I hated how he pulled her up by the arm so he can make her look at him. I hated how he acts like he’s being a saint. I hated how he acts like he needs to make Mindy’s choices for her.

There are some rough dynamics between the two of them. Danny clearly thinks he’s superior and he treats her that way. She’s finally getting over it because, A.) he’s so rude; B.) she’s grown a lot and actually makes really good choices, and C.) she’s tired of him making all the decisions.

Mindy does so well during this fight. But if I were her, I would have gone off the deep end when Danny implies she’s a bad mom. What about you, Danny? Are you a bad dad for not staying home? I can’t with this nonsense.

Diana, the fertility clinic patient, goes into labor so Mindy leaves, even though Danny OF COURSE doesn’t see why that’s important. She’s so happy working and comes home really happy, right until she walks in.

Danny pretends to care how it went (he doesn’t), and then immediately drops on her that he thinks they should hold off on the wedding. He just has to be in power all the time, doesn’t he? Mindy Kaling acted the hell out of that scene, with her crushed little face.

Well, I’m not sure where we’re going to go from here, but oddly, I’m not even a little worried. I trust The Mindy Project just that much.

Some important weekly things:

Outfit of the Episode:

  • I’m going to go with this bright blue and green number since she looked so good in it, but I was real into her coat at the end as well (and her half-up do).

*Image source:

 Favorite Jokes I Almost Missed:

  • Prince Harry once tracked Tamra’s period to try to get her pregnant!
  • “If it were me, I’d sleep with an LA Laker to make him jealous.”
  • Jody thinks Danny’s bringing him flowers to ask him to a friendship ball. Um, I’d love to go to a friendship ball.
  • “As Jefferson Davis once said…”

*Feature image source: Originally seen on The AV Club; Hulu

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