The Mindy Project Recap: Season 4, Episode 11

Oh boy you guys. I don’t know what they’re trying to do to us but I am HAVING TROUBLE. Danny, you guys! Danny is THE WORST!

Now look, as mentioned many times, my mom has always pointed out that Danny is the worst, like many fans do, but I’ve always defended his curmudgeonly little attitude because he seems to really love Mindy and balance her out in a great way. But lately? Lately, Danny is a monster and I see literally no redeeming qualities.

Are we supposed to want Danny and Mindy to break up? That was never something I even considered, you guys. But I hate their relationship right now. I hate it! And I’d love little Mindy living her best working mom life. Literally the only things keeping me from full on rooting for a break up are:

  1. They have a son and broken up parents are never fun.
  2. Annette and Mindy have a great thing going on.

I’m, like, basically having identity issues over here that I’m struggling with this. Now, onto actual recapping because I guess I should do that and not just yell about Danny for 1000 words.

So we start with Danny doing one of his weird gestures that we’re supposed to find romantic but I really hate: getting her a date (the fruit) to say he wants to set a wedding date and putting it in a necklace box. I mean, no.

Also, for real, he makes all the decisions. All of them! Why wouldn’t she have some sort of say in this? Why can they only set a date when he’s ready? NOPE. And then they have a conversation I’ve had with my fiancé 100 times (but my fiancé is a perfect angel):

“Babe, I’d marry you in a gutter.”
“That is the sweetest and worst thing anyone has ever said to me.”

Mindy’s in full wedding planning mode and wants Richie as a bridesmaid and Rishi as a groomsman, which makes sense. Annette clearly wants to be super involved in the wedding planning. I mean, I get it, but also, no. There’s a weird moment where everyone says Danny and Annette would make a good couple?

Danny finally agrees to Mindy that she can pick her own dress. LOL. Are you joking? That was in question? Good job sassing him, Miss Mindy.

Annette takes Mindy to Gretchen’s Bridal Pile and Beeper Store to try on hideous dresses. She just wants to be involved since Christine and her mom blocked Annette out during Danny’s first wedding. Mindy’s nice and buys an awful dress to appease her, which is sweet.But of course, she’s later having Tamra model her actual crop top sheer dress, because she’ll be Tamra’s height and weight by her wedding.

Jody pulls Mindy out of planning to tell her about their upcoming “Later, Baby” speech at his university, Southern Legacy University, which sounds exactly like Liberty University. Mindy says she can’t go because she hasn’t even told Danny about their business.

WAIT A SECOND. What? What is going on here! Why is she so scared to talk to Danny? Does this seem like a good relationship? No.

Anyways, her and Danny arrive at their apartment to find her family. Sonu jumps out to surprise them adorably and Mindy is very excited. Danny finds a way to ruin it by saying his mom is dead. Yeah, he did that. Apparently he doesn’t want his mom to freak out since Mindy’s parents flaunt their wealth. Mindy is such a pushover and is like, “cool, yeah, whatever. Be a psycho.”

Of course, this isn’t going to work out well. Annette still comes over to pick up Leo, thinks Mindy’s family are robbers, and waves around a knife. She is actually very sweet and excited to meet them though and disappointed in Danny for not introducing them earlier. She insists on coming to the engagement party Sonu is planning, as she should!

At the party, Annette and Sonu are competing with stories. Sonu’s theater stories give me life and I hate when people say things give them life. I also love Annette’s SeaWorld story, which no one else is down with.

This leads Annette and Sonu to have a fight about the wedding, since Mindy’s been telling them each that they’re planning the wedding. Why doesn’t she say, “I’m planning the wedding and you can each play a part!” ? But also, both of these mothers are acting crazy.

Meanwhile, Jody’s come to drag Mindy off to their speech in Georgia and Danny finds out about the business. He reacts how you would expect- like a total monster.

They have a fight that literally makes me think I will never like Danny again. Like ever. He just yells at Mindy about how she has to stay at home with Leo because he was all alone and his life was hard. When she tells him how good of a job she’s doing (she is!), he doesn’t care. And he acts appalled when she suggests he stays at home instead. NOPE. NOPE.

Seriously, Danny, if you care so much about Leo having someone home, just stay home yourself! What is wrong with you? You’ve never even expressed any sort of passion for your job and Mindy loves it! Why are you such a sexist bully? He IS a bully.

Mindy goes over to apologize to Annette and we find out that Annette is jealous of Hillary Clinton and Mindy and wants Mindy to follow her dreams, just like Hillary Clinton. So for real, if Danny and Mindy break up, I still want Annette around, you guys. Her and Mindy are very sweet together and I don’t even mind the six different ways Annette pronounces Sonu’s name.

Annette convinces Mindy to go on the business trip and she and Jody are a great pair. Tarun gives Danny a sweet speech about how Sonu always resented him for making her give up her dreams to raise their kids. We think for a second that Danny gets the point when he arrives at the speech and asks Mindy out to dinner.

But no. No he hasn’t. He wants her to just think of “Later, Baby” as hobby so she can be a baby machine. He also only moved up the wedding so they can have more babies. I HATE him.

Jody is the sweetest and tries to make sure that Mindy makes a choice she’s happy with. Jody gets better all the time, Danny gets worse all the time. Not that I’m thinking of Jody as anything more than a friend for Mindy, obviously.

I’m struggling you guys. Danny is going to have to do some SERIOUS changing for me to be happy with them staying together and that’s not something I thought I’d ever say. I’ve been shipping Danny and Mindy for years! But I can’t get behind this monster version of him.

Some important weekly things:

Outfit of the Episode:

  • I dug her headpiece at the engagement party, but I actually seriously am trying to find how to buy this pink number.

*Image source: Hulu

 Favorite Jokes I Almost Missed:

  • Jody at first thinks Mindy doesn’t want to go to his school because she’s worried it’s still segregated.
  • Mindy bought a waist trainer from Taiwan but I thought she said Tryone and I thought he was some celebrity trainer I didn’t know.
  • Collette’s fancy outfit is great.

*Feature image source: Originally seen on Entertainment Weekly; Hulu 

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