The Mindy Project Recap: Season 4, Episode 10

This week’s The Mindy Project was very sweet, kind of sad, and sneakily funny. It seems like sneakily funny is an insult, but it really isn’t! The jokes were less in your face than last week, but still as smart.

But have y’all noticed that Peter Prentice doesn’t make an episode as good as he used to? Is that because I love Collette and Jody so much? Don’t worry, I still love you, Peter.

We join Mindy doing absurd chores with Leo strapped to her chest and she’s proud of how well she’s doing. Um, honey, it would be a lot easier if you didn’t bother trying to make pancakes. Making pancakes is something only domestic goddesses do, for crying out loud. Just make a yogurt! All you have to do is pull it out of the fridge!

Danny, who says he won’t be home until Christmas, does that worst thing that guys do- asks for more right after she tells him how proud she is for what she’s accomplished. He wants her to sell her apartment. At least he’s changed his ringtone to “Fat Bottomed Girls” in honor of Mindy? Sure, okay.

Mindy’s in the crazy stage of missing her long-distance fiancé, like all woman go through when they start posting insufferable instagrams. She’s interrupting meetings about swabs- oh god, Jeremy- and bringing up Danny constantly.

At the meeting, Tamra, Morgan, and Collette are fighting over late night shifts to wait for Gordon, the medical waste removal guy. Ugh, that sounds rough– I would also never want to do that.

Collette finds out Tamra’s trying to get out of Gordon duty because she’s performing at a club. I love how Collette found out, by finding a flier at the Crossfit her ex-girlfriend’s ex-girlfriend owns. Who hasn’t gone down a stalking rabbit hole before?

Even though Tamra tells them not to come, they do of course- Morgan in a chili pepper shirt. Turns out, Tamra is pulling a Taylor Swift, singing songs about Morgan. She’s the absolute best. Also, these lyrics:

“You came into my life

but you left me just as quick.

I knew your heart was small

Like your… tiny beady eyes”

Morgan thinks the songs mean Tamra’s still in love with him. Is that what people think? I never think that about Taylor Swift! He interrupts the show, OF COURSE. Tamra convinces him she was just faking it to make herself relatable, which, is fair. Tamra is a queen- she needs something to bring her down a bit.

The next day, Jeremy’s at the office, very mad, because Gordon stole all of the computers when Morgan left a sign saying no one was there to watch him. Tamra takes the blame and her punishment is to take all the medical waste to the Gowanus canal. Hey, there’s a great bar on the Gowanus canal, Tamra- don’t worry.

Collette thinks it’s because Tamra still cares for Morgan, who denies it with, “Yeah, it was cool cause I barely think about him all the time.” Tamra for queen of everything, but I don’t ship this relationship.

Meanwhile, Mindy has to sell her apartment to satisfy bossy Danny and Peter wants her to party, specifically with his new party drug, Stacy (great party drug name).

She goes to some members only club to try to put up open house fliers for the rich-os. They won’t let her, and Kevin James is there to make her feel bad about herself again. But hey, he’s skinny now (as is Mindy, obviously), so that’s a lot.

A handsome older man, James, comes to Mindy’s rescue when he thinks her fiancé is dead and not just gone. Mindy is so oblivious she misses that he would misunderstand her after he says his wife is gone. He puts her fliers up along with one for his bereaved spouses group.

At the open house, James shows up with Loretta, an elder widow who wants a fresh start. She straight tells Peter she thinks Mindy’s fiancé is dead and Peter tries to get her to fix it before it’s too late. But then it IS too late when Loretta makes an offer on the apartment for 10% higher than asking price.

Mindy agrees to come to the bereavement group meeting and Peter forces her to promise to come clean. I love how well Peter knows Mindy.

Too bad as soon as they get to the support group, we find out James is legit awesome and hosting a party Peter wants to go to, so he pretends to be a widower too.

James: So Cheryl, still carrying around Dwayne’s ashes everywhere?

Peter: OH shit just got real.

Mindy is loving getting to talk about missing Danny, but of course James kisses her. She tells him she made it all up about Danny being dead, which isn’t entirely fair. She didn’t do it maliciously! Everyone gets mad at her and Peter keeps faking it to keep partying.

The next night, Peter comes back to see Mindy when Lauren (his wife, remember) comes storming in upset because she’s supposedly dead on the internet. She doesn’t get mad as soon as she hears it’s because of Mindy and Danny antics, causing Peter to have to tell Mindy that things aren’t right with Mindy and Danny.

FINALLY. Like really, FINALLY. I thought we were just supposed to like Danny even though he’s being so controlling and so annoying. I’m so glad that Peter called it out.

Mindy demands to talk to Danny so she can talk about how controlling he is when she hears his ringtone for her in the hallway. That was actually a pretty great ending, even though I did want her to yell at Danny.

It’s interesting how The Mindy Project is acknowledging how big a jerk Danny has been lately. I thought they totally thought the viewers wouldn’t notice or mind – and be swooning over sweet (and unsubstantial) gestures enough not to care.

I hope that his return won’t overshadow the conversation Mindy was about to have with him. I would so be down with her telling him what’s up a little more.

Some important weekly things:

Outfit of the Episode:

  • Ooh I want this pink scalloped dress so bad, I even looked it up. It’s $750 so, you know. Guess I’m not getting that.

*Image source: Hulu

 Favorite Jokes I Almost Missed:

  • “Even my Uber driver asked if we could just drive in silence.”
  • “This place is too cool for us. No one has complimented my chili pepper shirt.”
  • “Why would Gordon want our computers? He already tried to show me a trunk full of computers last week. Ohhh.”

*Feature image source: Originally seen on AV Club; Hulu 

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