The Mindy Project Recap: Season 4, Episode 9

Oh boy, you guys—this The Mindy Project episode was full of so many jokes that when I was taking notes, I was basically just trying to write down every word they said. That’s a pretty bad recap strategy, as it turns out.

We find Mindy in some crazily expensive baby music class (hi, I’m going to LOVE going to baby music class), talking to some rich moms who named their children Gratitude and Sriracha and started applying to preschool before they even knew they were pregnant. I love how perfectly snobby these crazy people are, but I’m most impressed with Mindy standing up for public school.

That doesn’t last long, though, since Mindy does love exclusive things (calling bullshit on any school monsters who wouldn’t beg for Blue Ivy’s attendance). Back at the office, we learn that of course Tamra recommended the music class to Mindy. They all discuss the value of different schools and poor, sad Jeremy sings his private school song, “Cry not for mother. Books are your parents now.”


*Gratuitous shot of Leo courtesy of Hulu

Mindy becomes convinced she must apply to Little Doorways Academy for Ethical Children once Beverly defends public school (while wearing Mindy hand-me-downs yet again). While working on the application, she overhears that Jody is going to have to attend dinner with his sister-in-law and former mistress, Ann Marie solo.

She knows it’s a bad idea for Jody to go alone, but is tired of being used to stop sex from happening and too busy bribing Little Doorways secretaries for interviews (oh god, private school is sad). She pulls the race card hard, showing up in a beautiful sari, that I’m disappointed to learn was not for a wedding episode like I hoped it was when I saw it on Instagram a month ago.

I love how Mindy is always down to manipulate her appearance and lie about literally anything, but is too stubborn to change her personality at all, in any situation.

Unfortunately, the admissions woman wants to meet Leo’s father and Danny is still filming a movie with Ben Affleck. After failing to convince sad Jeremy and smartly refusing Morgan, she makes a deal with Jody. She’ll play his girlfriend for Ann Marie if he’ll play her husband for the prospective parents night. This will go well!

But, it almost does? In another beautiful sari, Mindy and Jody make a pretty charming couple and Jody’s speech on the value of family is quite sweet, but I’m just waiting to hear more about the conflict free Shiraz.

Now Mindy’s all into Jody (but did he really do something that amazing?) and ready to play along for Ann Marie in her third extremely sparkly outfit of the episode. Ann Marie has the southern accent I wish I had- ugh mom and dad, it’s you’re fault I don’t- and is exactly what you’d expect.

Everything starts to fall apart, naturally, but surprisingly not because Mindy thinks Solange Knowles and Amal Clooney could reasonably play a role in their origin story. Instead it starts when Mindy learns Jody purposely picked a night Collette couldn’t come, bringing Mindy along as bait to make Ann Marie jealous and not as a cock block.

She tries to keep him from telling the truth, but Jody still confesses. I love Mindy’s reaction when Ann Marie calls her an escort- that is a big compliment, in New York, at least! Mindy tries to convince him he deserves love, but Jody won’t learn that for himself. Ann Marie insists on ending it to be with her husband, Jody’s brother, in case you forgot, and Jody finds comfort in Jack Daniels.

The next morning, Mindy prepares for the Little Doorways house visit quite poorly, I must say. Like really, you can find perfect and adorable fake glasses for Leo to wear, but you can’t put away all the pictures of Danny? Seems on character.

Jody arrives reeking of alcohol and even his singing of “Moon River” and how cute he looks in Danny’s tiny pajamas can’t prevent the admissions lady from smelling the bourbon.

Mindy water boards him and yells at him, discovering along the way that he only loves the idea of Ann Marie. And that, oops, she only cares about private preschool because she wants to prove to the rich moms that she’s as good as them.

But when she tries to turn the acceptance down, she learns Leo had gotten in, mostly because an alcoholic and a mentally challenged Indian woman are pretty unique. Luckily, she’s not a crazy person and realizes $70,000 is an absurd amount of money to spend on one year of school for a four-year-old.

Public school it is! Even if it comes with bullies who want your hair extensions (little girls are scary!).

This was maybe my favorite episode this season. Almost every line was a joke and there was still somehow a story and a perfect a takedown of private preschool nonsense. Also, A+ on the Leo screen time. That baby, you guys!

Some important weekly things:

Outfit of the Episode:

  • I really liked Mindy’s hot pink leggings during the house visit, but I’ve got to give it to the yellow sari, because I’m not insane.

*Image source:

 Favorite Jokes I Almost Missed:

  • The motto of Jeremy’s boarding school was “You’re useless.”
  • “He’s got his Iraq memories to keep him company.”
  • Jody once tricked Mindy into cleaning the microwave by telling her only men could do it.
  • “Who is this little Italian man? Is he a marionette? “

*Feature image source: Originally seen on AV Club; Hulu 

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