The Mindy Project Recap: Season 4, Episode 8

Peter Prentice is back!! But I felt like we don’t even need him anymore, almost! And that makes me feel really happy about how The Mindy Project is growing and changing (as long as Mindy stays in all of our episodes forever, please).

We find Mindy slowly falling apart, which is made most obvious by her not so fabulous sweats. I give her props for wearing a Draper James sweatshirt (this is Reese Witherspoon’s new line/store if you haven’t heard of it, but what are you doing with your Instagram following if you didn’t know that already?), but everything else was just screaming “PLEASE CAN I TAKE A NAP?”

Anyways, she’s too wary to tell Danny that she’s struggling because she doesn’t want to be another burden. Listen, ladies: I get that feeling. But eventually you’re just going to have to realize we’re all burdens to each other all the time and that’s fine. Instead, Mindy keeps sending sunglass smiley face emoji (which would be the first sign I was over it to my fiancé).

She’s explaining how tired she is to God, begging to sneak an uninterrupted bath in and like, hello just get in now! But then, Peter Prentice knocks on the door as the masturbation police and is ready to party.

Peter is such an insane gem, but Mindy just can’t handle it. Too bad he put caffeine pills in her water and spent half the night crying after smashing his penis in the piano lid. Mindy leaves him at her desk the next morning with coloring, begging anyone in the office to take him off her hands.

Luckily for Mindy, there’s poor sad Jeremy, who feels so alone after a string of meaningless sexcapades. They agree to go to dinner, but Peter’s not so jazzed.

Later, Peter interrupts the most delightful meeting between Jeremy, Tamra, and Colette, where Jeremy is trying to solve the drama between them. Listen, I get that part of why Tamra works so well on this show is because she’s used sparingly, but I’m so obsessed with her, I think I have a problem.

She claims to be so not about drama, as all dramatic girls do, and blames the conflicts on Colette’s continual pranking (and they’re the laziest pranks at that). Jeremy wants them to hold a bean against the wall with their noses (poor Jeremy, you guys); but instead, Peter invites them to dinner, breaking little Jeremy’s heart.

At the dinner, Peter tries to fix the arguments by talking about what a good friend he is to Jeremy and Jeremy is just done with this nonsense. Peter was awful when Jeremy visited him in Austin! He even bailed early on the Dixie Chicks, even though “Cowboy Take Me Away” is their song! Poor Jeremy walks out crushed, and I love him more and more every episode.

But back to perfect angel Tamra- we find out that Colette pulled “some Tom Sawyer ish” by dipping her hair in paint. Even better, Tamra didn’t wash it off so it would look like an intentional fashion choice and now the style section wants to do a blog about it. Stop it, you guys. TAMRA, I LOVE YOU.

Colette admits she’s lonely in a big city and is reaching out for attention. Okay, this is bizarre but I’m glad that her and Tamra decide to be friends. Also:

“Southern people are complicated. The two things we’re known for are being friendly and slavery.”

Now that that’s resolved, Peter has some thinking to do about how rude it was to leave a delicate British man alone in Texas (no, for real).

Meanwhile, poor Mindy, you guys. Her and Morgan meet with their dry and stern accountant, whom I will always love. They’re excited when they initially see their profits, only to learn it’s a negative number! Oops. They’ve got to get some new clients (and not rent out Governor’s Island) or the business will go under.

Back at Schulman & Associates, Mindy has a breakdown when she discovers that Jody has thrown away her energy drink, “Heart Attack Fuel.” He mentions how she’s been dressing down and warns it’s the signs of early depression. Mindy counters, “Would a depressed person have the energy to drink two bottles of wine a night?” and lists off all the ways Jody could help. You do you, Mindy.

Jody takes this rant seriously and comes to the fertility clinic ready to offer his ideas of presenting “Later, Baby” on college campuses. He asks for 50% of the practice, which is just psycho, causing Mindy to throw him out and plan to steal his idea. He finds out, of course, and comes back to Mindy preparing when she receives a call that Annette is sick.

Back at home, Mindy is trying to prepare for her presentation, and not doing very well. The next morning she wakes up to find Peter has let her sleep in and miss the presentation. When she rushes off in her PJs (okay, this is some straight bold behavior), she finds Jody giving a great presentation.

That is, until all the girls start to stand up and yell at Jody for sleeping with all of them and their roommates. Mindy takes him backstage and finds out he’s being such a monster because he misses Ann Marie, his sister-in-law with whom he’s in love, obviously. Mindy suggests he should find someone who’s his intellectual peer and he scoffs, “ No, no, I’m tall and handsome. I’m sure it won’t come to that.”

Her chat with Jody inspires a really great pitch to all of the college students about how men are garbage and though they think they’ll get married early, freezing their eggs could buy them some time in case it’s harder than they expected. I’m really into her idea about this; but also, I would totally not have frozen my eggs when I was in college, just saying. I hope they all do though, because Jody and Mindy are a working pair I could get behind.

They agree to split the practice 50/40, giving Morgan 10% and I’m pretty excited to see where this leads.

Oh and Peter and Jeremy made up and we get to learn more about how truly weird Jeremy is. Mostly I feel like this story line just gave us some quality time with Peter and helped us fall more in love with Jeremy. I’m behind it.

Some important weekly things:

Outfit of the Episode:

  • Obviously going to give this to the Draper James sweatshirt, but PLEASE give us dresses next week.

*Image source:The Mindy Project Style

 Favorite Jokes I Almost Missed:

  • The FDA banned “Heart Attack Fuel” after those teens danced themselves to death.
  • Annette thinks she can get autism from a flu shot.
  • Jeremy’s upset that he only got one dance with Peter at his wedding.
  • “I’m a decent fellow. Earlier today, I winked at a fat woman.”

*Feature image source: Originally seen on Refinery 29; Hulu 

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