The Mindy Project Recap: Season 4, Episode 7

Oh thank god, our normally scheduled Mindy Project is back this week, and it was a great one. I got to see this early at Paley Fest and have been so looking forward to watching it again. Something I noticed with this episode is how much more likable Mindy has become. She’s still insane though, obviously.

We start with Mindy enjoying life with Danny across the country, and her tiny bed that she gets to take up reminds me of when my fiancé and I shared a full size bed for a year and how horrible it was. I love how Mindy won’t wear her boner pesticide pjs when Danny’s around, which I guess is a sign of a commitment to romance, but oh boy, would I not care about that.

Annette wakes her up at 5:45 AM, just like all mothers are wont to do occasionally. With Annette around to take care of Leo, Mindy and Danny’s apartment has become dramatically more Italian – clothes hanging from clothes lines, plastic on the furniture, framed pictures of the Franks, and of course, the air is infused with tension around boundaries.

Mindy’s off to work in her fabulous outfit and ready to find a nanny. Jody still thinks Mindy should stay home with Leo, but dude- you yourself had a nanny in Effie (of course that was her name). Morgan and her set off on the best little nanny search.

Morgan tries to Mrs. Doubtfire her and though it would seem like something like this is played out- The Mindy Project always manages to make these jokes even funnier than expected. They finally find a normal nanny, Clara, who makes homemade baby clothes (okay, red flag right there). Mindy hires her crazily quickly, clearly breaking Annette’s heart. Come on, Mindy- you can break bad news better than that! Though, I do think if we have to have bottle episodes without Mindy in them, there should definitely be one of Annette and Dot on a cruise together.

Meanwhile, Whitney (who? You’re wondering- it’s Jeremy’s girlfriend) is back to be the worst, interrupting Jeremy’s very important gauze meeting. Jody decides Whitney must be a monster and Tamra tries keeps her news a secret in the best way. “Whistle, whistle, whistle.”

Jody gets the cocaine secret out of her and calls in Mindy to discuss a plan of action. But first, he has to quote Jefferson Davis, of course, and talk slowly about refreshments, causing Mindy to get the news out of Tamra. Mindy, shockingly, says she doesn’t have time to deal with this drama, which is rather depressing.

May you always have time to deal with office gossip, working women of the world.

Jody decides to just tell Jeremy, straight up, which is actually so sane, I’m surprised. Poor Jeremy, you guys. That little, “ha ha” broke my heart. Jeremy is just a total mess though and essentially decides to ignore the problem when Whitney brushes it off.

Now’s when Jody has to make poor decisions, so he goes to Whitney’s office to confront her. Her office is so devoid of color, it makes my heart hurt. Whitney, who only does coke to have fun after work and to work, gets in the sickest burn of the episode when Jody tries to pay her to break up with Jeremy: “What are you? The dad in a Nicholas Sparks move?” But of course, these two opposite weirdos have chemistry and they “lay together.”

Back with busy Mindy, Annette is suing Mindy for slave labor which is such a sad, sweet attempt at expressing hurt feelings. This lawyer is a sweet mess with a Rudy Giuliani picture on his desk and Mindy is not having any of it. Annette is VERY upset about Mindy hiring a nanny, but Mindy just doesn’t have time to deal with it.

Instead, she’s off to rant about old people, who DO ruin Facebook. Until Danny checks in and Clara has posted a picture of Leo with a “No Vaccine Zone” onesie on. That kid is hella cute. I’m so proud of Mindy standing up against these crazy no vaccine people. She had a story about doing so in her new book and now this! I love that there’s no debating or joking off these crazy people.

Big pharma did get rid of big mumps and big polio! Vaccinate your kids!

Anyways, now Mindy doesn’t have a nanny and thinks she can leave Leo in the hot pipe room at work? Oh honey. Luckily, Jody comes in to ask for advice on him having slept with Whitney. As she yells at him, he hears Leo so Mindy defends herself by saying, “Alright. Thomas Jefferson owned slaves. Sometimes cool people make mistakes.”

When Mindy has a delivery, Jody volunteers to watch Leo, using him as the cutest human shield ever as he breaks the news to Jeremy. Jeremy still gets in a punch in (go, Jeremy!), but Jody promises he’s going to find the right person for Jeremy. I, for one, am looking forward to these new guest stars.

Meanwhile, Mindy comes to her senses and heads out to Staten Island to apologize to Annette and to ask her to come back. She convinces her and they makeup very sweetly, despite Annette only love five people (Danny, Richie, Leo, Dot, and the handsome one from Suits). I’m so glad Mindy has Annette, who despite hovering more, is less emotionally manipulative than Danny.

Hey Mindy Project writers- if you want to make this a buddy comedy with Mindy and Annette, I think we’d all be down. And with that…

Some important weekly things:

Outfit of the Episode:

  • Thank god we had more Mindy outfits this week. The matching dress and coat stunner from the beginning definitely win best outfit. Leo’s dinosaur hoodie with the horns on the hood was a close second.

*Image source:The Mindy Project Style

 Favorite Jokes I Almost Missed:

  • “Good luck with your transition!”
  • Morgan has given a first date a kidney, on more than one occasion.
  • “I would never be friends with you. You’re an old lady, like Britney Spears.”
  • Apparently Jeremy and Jody were going to perform Lady Marmalade for the hospital talent show. PLEASE show us this.

*Feature image source: Originally seen on The AV Club; Hulu 

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