The Mindy Project Recap: Season 4, Episode 4

This week’s episode of The Mindy Project proved that misguided Mindy can still be right about a lot of things, that Tamra is the feminist hero we all need in our lives, and that Danny’s conservative tendencies are a lot more than just tendencies. Let’s take on one of the toughest challenges for modern women!

Mindy opens the episode with an on-point (even if a little creepy) monologue about how she’s finally found the perfect man in Leo. Danny uses Mindy’s obsession with Leo to ask her if she wants to stay at home because being a working mom is really tough. I mean, yes it is, but why is there never a conversation about being a working dad? Isn’t it tough for you, Danny? Ugh. Mindy’s like, “yeah, no thank you. I love working!” and I’m proud. I mean, for the record, I hate working, but if I loved working, I sure as hell wouldn’t want to give it up.

Anyways, she’s off to show off Leo at the office to give his immune system a boost by exposing him to Morgan. Leo gets hungry on the train, and like all moms who don’t care if you’re uncomfortable, she starts to feed him. (I spy a pretty breast feeding bra!) OF COURSE some man is annoyed by this and feels like he can fairly vocalize this.

He starts giving Mindy a lecture on empowerment vs. exploitation that is textbook mansplaining, but Mindy can’t quite defend herself well enough, making it all about being able to show off her breasts because only a women’s magazine can tell her what to do with her body. Oh, honey. She gives up and moves away which is so unlike Mindy! Also, I suppose I’m peak millennial here but I didn’t know what a Gauguin painting was either. But now I’ve learned!

At the office, we learn that Beverly knows what a “push present” is (how hip!), and that though Danny used to think it was BS propagated by “Big Bracelet” (that is a thing – looking at you Pandora), he wants to give her a dance as one. Danny is so clueless sometimes! You can’t just dance again! Tamra calls him out and insists he buy Mindy something nice.

Later, Mindy walks in outraged, as Jermery has come to expect, but gets sidetracked by Morgan’s jealousy of Leo, Danny’s pushy Purel application, and discussing the new doctor and nurse. I love that Tamra likes Jody because he wears cool-ass suits. Danny takes Leo off on the Daddy Express (of course) and Morgan does something weird against the wall to show he’s cool? Okay…

Morgan is like all bitchy coworkers — excited for Mindy to be back, but making underhanded comments about her coming back to work, “I thought you were going to wuss out and cut your hours like those moms who love their kids.” He also lets slip that he mixed up the eggs at the fertility clinic! What! Mindy starts to worry about having to work two full-time jobs and raise a kid; girlfriend, you’re right. That is hard!

But then! We hear the mystery subway man and of course he’s the new doctor (Jody) and his sister is the new nurse (Colette). I IMMEDIATELY love Colette — she is the best. Jody is fine, I’m sure, and I’m trying not to just hate him for being a sexist mansplainer, but okay never mind, I hate him. Colette! You’re a gem. She’s very Melissa McCarthy from Bridesmaids but more humanized and less of a caricature.

Mindy is outraged and I get it. But do none of these people have calm conversations to resolve their differences? Or just ignore each other like most coworkers? Apparently not, because she starts plotting to get him fired while Danny continues to push her to quit work. Calm down, Danny!

Back to the push present, he’s gotten her a turtleneck sweater. I don’t care what any fashion magazines say — I’m not wearing any damn turtlenecks. Tamra snaps, ““A turtleneck is like what you get your aunt if she graduates from court reporter school” and remains a star. She’s proven right when Morgan walks in wearing the sweater. Thank god, Tamra volunteers to take Danny to the jewelry store.

At the jewelry store, her taste is insane and perfect. (Warren–take note! I want a necklace that says “100% Mom Realness” when I give birth.) She figures out that Danny is only getting a push present to bribe Mindy into staying home. You stop it right now, Danny Castellano!!

Tamra gives the best comeback I’ve ever heard when he says he makes enough money: “Jay Z’s so rich, he throws his car out when it runs out of gas and he doesn’t stop his wife from working.” She is a wise angel. Danny, what have you sacrificed for Mindy? Nothing!

Meanwhile, Mindy is trying to spy on Jody with Leo (who’s so cute, I cannot). Instead, she ends up bonding with Colette who rightfully hates New York City. I like when Mindy is sweet and I’m down with this friendship. She also learns that Jody had a hard delivery with one of her patients and sets off to spy. All she gets is that he wouldn’t let the dad in the labor room so the mother’s vagina can remain a beautiful mystery. That is rude, obviously, but I understand the sentiment and am not a sexist I swear!

BUT then when Mindy confronts him in front of everyone, Jody stands up to mansplain again about how he is a sexist because he thinks men and women are different. Men are jerks! Women are nurturing! He wants to cherish women! GROSS. This is like what every creepy Southern pastor has said to turn me off from church. Just because you love women and think men have flaws, does not excuse your sexist beliefs. Don’t try to confuse everyone with that BS so you can sneak in your antiquated ideals.

Mindy gets so rightfully heated that she accidentally squirts Jody in the face with breast milk and his reaction is so extreme, it’s the best. She quits and storms out and I THINK that I see regret on Danny’s face, but I’ll be proven wrong shortly. Colette is the only hero who comes out to tell her not to quit on Jody’s behalf. Thankfully, Mindy starts to rethink her rash decision.

But then, ugh. Danny comes home so happy and excited that Mindy’s decided to stay home that he’s gotten a huge tattoo of “Leo” on his chest. She loves it, apparently?! Stop, I hate this so much. I even like tattoos a lot and this is a lame-ass push present.

1. You defiled your perfect chest.

2. What does she get out of this? No, seriously.

3. Are you going to have to get one for every kid now? Why doesn’t he get one of “Mindy”? Oh yeah, because it’s tacky.

Ugh. I know I was supposed to like that, but it fell very flat to me. But Mindy liked it and is now even more torn up about whether to go back to work or not. Do whatever you want, girlfriend. Tell Danny to stay home if it’s so important to him.

Some important weekly things:

Outfit of the Episode:

  • I liked both of her work outfits a lot (the pattern on the pink shirt was amazing), but I would like to add her navy and red one to my closet ASAP. Loved the boots! Loved the sweater! Want the coat!

*Image source:

 Favorite Jokes I Almost Missed:

  • Beverly on Leo: “Congratulations–he’s very dark!”
  • When Mindy wants to frame Jody for murder, she realizes they should get the body from the morgue and apparently has a friend Justin who works there.
  • Colette says “Diversity work friends” after and her and Mindy hug.

*Feature image source: Originally seen on The AV Club; Hulu

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