The Bachelorette Semi-Recap: “I Don’t Like Racism”

Hi, friends! I’m sorry I missed you last week, but really I did not miss you because I was busy cuddling my perfect baby who was born on July 23.

Now, for tonight: I’m not doing a full recap because I’m breastfeeding an eight day old every three hours, it’s my birthday, and I hate the Men Tell All.

But I want to create some space for y’all to discuss your thoughts. These are mine:

1. Why am I awake?

2. What did Dean do to his hair? I hate it.

3. WHY ARE WE SPENDING SO MUCH TIME ON LEE WHO “doesn’t like racism” (lol)? Am I supposed to be happy with his redemption arc? I am not?

4. Kenny and his daughter are too pure for this world. I’m into ABC’s, “Sorry we used a racist on you for ratings, we’ll send you to Disneyland!”

5. Lee’s suit is the worst suit I’ve ever seen I think.

6. Malcolm (my son), please forgive me for exposing you to this.

7. Rachel is looking FIERCE.

8. Kenny hitting on Rachel makes me staying awake through Malcolm’s nap time worth it.

9. Did they just show Eric in a car? UM, talk about a spoiler! Or was that from another time? I’m confused.

10. God bless the bloopers.

My thoughts on next week:

  • I love me some Peter, but I would much rather have Eric as a Bachelor, I think. Ain’t going to happen, but a girl can dream.

Okay, y’all. I’m planning on being fully back next week, but prepare to cut me a little slack. Give a girl some maternity leave, am I right? See y’all then!



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