The Bachelorette Recap: Despicable Drama

Y’all, I’m pretty heated.

This not even remotely veiled purposeful attempt to create drama by casting a racist to date the first black Bachelorette is despicable.

Not only is it not fun to watch, it’s not acceptable. Racism shouldn’t be stirred up and used to entertain a bunch of white viewers—it’s that simple.

I really, really wish we could boycott the show because of it, but I’m not about to let Rachel get less viewers than some basic white chicks.

This was a shameful two hours of television and the fact that it continues tomorrow night is appalling to me. APPALLING.

Here are the 10 Worst Things That Happened on The Bachelorette: Episode 5

10. One of the most cringe-inducing moments of the night had to be the utter lack of chemistry between poor Jack Stone and Rachel. It was physically painful to watch. That kiss! Oh lord.

9. Okay, there was this kiss with Bryan on the group date at the beginning where I saw so much tongue, I almost threw up. My poor husband was still eating dinner.

8. Iggy says he’s disappointed he didn’t get time to talk with Rachel because of the situation with Josiah. DUDE. You created that situation out of thin air and chose to use your entire time talking about it! What a child.

7. Lee lifts weights wearing jeans and cowboy boots. Is he for real?

6. Jack says his ideal date with Rachel in Dallas would be to lock her in a room and lay in bed talking. Honestly, even if my husband told me this was his ideal date, I would be creeped out.

5. While Kenny very calmly tries to talk to Lee, Lee interrupts constantly and then says, “So you wanted to get violent that night?” This is such obvious gas-lighting, it is INSANE.

4. Lee says he’s going to pray for Kenny. This shows everything that is wrong with Christianity in America. Lee is not a Christian. Lee is a racist piece of garbage who deserves no happiness.

3. Lee, who continues to call Kenny aggressive as many times as he can because he knows for damn sure what he’s doing, yells, “FUCK YOU” at Kenny, but like that’s chill? That’s not aggressive? Fuck this dude.

2. In one of the best moments on this show maybe ever, Will explains to Lee why calling Kenny aggressive is offensive. Lee does not need this explained to him; he knows what he’s doing. Lee responds by saying, “Oh, he pulled the race card.”  There are no worse white people than white people who accuse others of “pulling the race card.” YOU ARE A RACIST, LEE AND YOU KNOW IT.

1. Now Lee has just decided to fully make stuff up about Kenny, saying he violently tried to pull Lee out of a van (bull shit, they would have played it), and that Kenny has a dark side he told Lee about.  PRODUCERS. THIS IS WHEN YOU INTERFERE. Lee is cold-blooded lying and you are letting him get away with it. The only people I’m more disgusted with than Lee are the producers.

Some random thoughts that I can barely jumble together because I AM STILL SO MAD.

  • Um, still not into Bryan. I’m not sure I will ever get past sloppy seconds. For sure as hell not going to get past it when all we see is this cheesy fairy tale nonsense and the underside of his tongue.
  • I mean, wow you guys, that hot tub make out with Peter. She is INTO him. I want him to win so badly, so so badly. HE is too good to be true, Rachel. HE IS.
  • Kenny cried talking to his daughter and I could not handle it. He is so precious.
  • Still into Anthony. Still into Will! Still skeptical on Eric.

Fuck this stupid fucking show. Sorry I’m saying fuck so much, but I literally have never been so disgusted by a television show in my life. I HATE HATE that I’m going to watch tomorrow and I’m ONLY doing it because Rachel deserves viewers.

Ugh I’m so mad.



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