The Bachelorette Recap: You Know Exactly What I Mean

Well, this is going to be a heavy night of Bachelorette recapping. Mostly we get to talk about racism that was both so overt and so subtle, it was like a master class in how to be a racist monster and “get away with it.” Then we get to end by talking about possible sexual assault. SO EXCITING.

Was any part of this episode enjoyable for anyone? Like any moment that didn’t involve Peter being cute (I’m obsessed)? Cause really, this was two hours of unpleasantness for me that I hated the entire time.

I honestly wish I hadn’t watched a minute of it which is probably not the goal of the show. So, COOL. Let’s talk about it.

Here are the 10 Worst Things That Happened on The Bachelorette: Episode 4

10. Guys, disingenuine is not a word.

9. Yuck, I really do not like Bryan. Bryan tells her it’s a fairytale and he makes her weak and the only redemptive part of the whole conversation was how Rachel handled it. Unfortunately, she finds his cloying chatter charming and not revolting.

8. In light-hearted Lee is the worst moments, he says, “this is kinda sad,” and he was “really bothered” about his grandfather getting cancer. LOL. I just can’t.

7. Everyone called a bitch in this episode is indeed awful/behaved awfully. That said, stop using this word, boys. In every situation used, it was at least mildly sexist, if not wildly so.

6. Honestly, Iggy, shut up. You don’t have a shot in hell with Rachel, it could not be more obvious. STOP TALKING ABOUT OTHER PEOPLE. And stop saying “we” as if you’re speaking for everyone else. And stop lying to the guys saying Rachel asked when she definitely didn’t. THERE ARE RECEIPTS, YOU PSYCHO.

5. Lee is FULL of microaggressions, the worst of which is calling Kenny aggressive. Dude wrote the handbook on being racist.

4. In a rare moment that was both great and awful, let’s talk about Dean openly acknowledging that Lee seems to be picking fights only with black people. Good for Dean for being the only white person (that we see) recognizing Lee’s behavior for what it is right away. Bad for the producers trying to get him to say Lee is racist. Like, could it be more transparent that they brought Lee on here for drama? “Eh, let’s not worry about hurting our perfect angel of a lead– we want DRAMA AND INTERNET ARTICLES.” Ugh.

3. Lee is a psychopath who finds joy in destroying other people for literally no reason. Do they not do psych tests for these contestants? Scratch that, I know they do and they still let him on. Not a fan of these producers at all.

2. Kenny after his chat with Rachel at the end broke my heart into a million pieces. Poor guy is so sweet and so lovely and is the victim of Lee’s racist manipulation. I am so, so sad about this.

1. Y’all, I really can’t get over the way Lee said “GET TO IT,” to Kenny when Kenny was trying to talk to him. I swear, didn’t that sound like he was speaking to his houseboy or something? Oh god, it made my skin crawl- both that he thinks he can talk to another human, particularly and probably only a black one, like that and that it’s something he can claim is *not* racist when people take offense and freak out. What a piece of fucking scum. I have never hated watching this show more than in that moment.

I hardly have any other thoughts on the rest of the episode because, in any moment that wasn’t so demoralizing, I was zoning out and trying to recover. The few I have:

  • Still in love with Peter and the more I love him, the more worried I get that he can’t win.
  • The spelling bee was quite charming. Poor Anthony, given a word like boutonniere.
  • Dean is really cute and I refuse to use his age against him since we never do with women younger than Bachelors, but I think their relationship is just more fun and not serious.
  • I continue to be into Will and Anthony, despite never seeing them, and liked Eric significantly more this episode.

And now, before we leave, I will briefly address Bachelor in Paradise, because I have to and honestly, I really don’t want to. Basically, I never want to express any hesitation in believing a woman who feels like she was unable to consent and I also know that despite whatever evidence we see, how she felt about the situation is still important.

That said (oof here we go). In this situation, it seems that there IS actual evidence that can give us a little more insight than all of these conflicting stories. I hope we don’t see it because I have no interest in that, but I hope it will make things more clear. And because of the unique ability to at least see what was outwardly happening, I feel like we should all just hush and wait and stop making judgments about either DeMario or Corrine. Most things I’ve seen either reek of racism or sexism so like, maybe just stop?

Anyways. See y’all next week, twice, in what looks like two miserable episodes that include a Kenny and Lee two-on-one date.



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