The Bachelor Recap: Bahamas Ben is the Worst Ben

Ugh, I hated Ben this entire episode. Seriously, what is wrong with him? Literally why is he so obsessed with having the women cry to him about some heartbreak only he can fix? This is so weird and so gross.

And then he was god awful on the group date and was so sad that all the women weren’t having so much fun worshipping him together. I could not handle him.

They certainly delivered on the promised drama this week, but at what cost ABC? AT WHAT COST? When I reach this “I hate the Bachelor (the man, not the show DUH) moment,” it’s all down hill from there. These lists are about to get A LOT crankier.

Here are the 10 Worst Things That Happened on The Bachelor: Episode 6

10. Caila’s excessive gratitude about getting to go on a date with Ben is gross. Girl, he is not that wonderful. You are not the luckiest girl in the world. Demand more from life than a date with a guy who only likes victims!

9. Ben turns Leah’s frustration about not getting a one-on-one around on her because SHE should be making an effort and making the most of the date. Dude, she’s on a date with six women!

8. “I want to talk smart things,” Olivia says as an explanation of why the girls don’t like her. There is nothing more conniving and bitchy than talking about how other women only care about their nails and how YOU are so smart you care about BOOKS. And if you’re going to pull that crap, say it better.

7. Poor, dumb Ben is so upset because his group date was awkward!!! Poor Ben! I feel so bad for poor Ben! Just kidding, you’re the worst.

6. Ben feels like he can finally fall for Caila because she’s not just a smiley, bubbly girl that everyone likes to be around. Like, dude. WHAT WOULD BE WRONG WITH THAT? Why does everyone have to be broken??

5. Really, why do they still do these two-on-one dates? They’re so cruel and totally make it unbelievable that this show actually cares about Ben falling in love instead of caring about creating a spectacle.

4. Why on earth did Ben take the rose with him when he broke up with Olivia? You know why? PRODUCERS. I felt the producers’ hands in this episode over and over and over again and honestly, that’s just gross.

3. What the hell does Ben mean when he tells Amanda, “I need you to stay that girl”? Like, unless you’re this vulnerable, sweet, beautiful butterfly at all times, I won’t continue to pick you. So don’t you dare get annoyed with me when I spend a whole date cuddling with someone else in front of you.

2. Ooh, girl. Leah, I was with you all episode- you are totally right to be frustrated with Ben! But as soon as you spent your alone time with Ben talking about Lauren B., you lost me. Talking shit isn’t the way to make your relationships stronger and also, it seems pretty unfounded and SO rude. Girl, BYE.

1. WAIT. WAIT. Leah is so obsessed with getting rid of Lauren B. that she goes over to his place and ONLY talks about Lauren B.!! WHAT? WHAT? My fiancé wants to give her the benefit of the doubt and say she has a producer leading her astray, and sure, probably. But no, you are in control of your own actions and you should feel like a shitty person today.

My random thoughts and predictions on the ladies:

  • DUDE, the ending of this season looks MESSED UP. I CAN’T WAIT.
  • I actually kind of felt bad for Olivia when she got dumped by Ben. She’s definitely a little nuts, but I definitely believe she thought she loved Ben and that’s sad.
  • I feel so bad for all these girls’ hair during this week. Tropical climates are not made for all of us and boy do I know that.
  • I really like Lauren B. more and more as time goes on. I hope she’s our winner and JoJo’s our Bachelorette.

See y’all next week!



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