The Bachelorette Recap: Smitten Kittens

Okay, guys, I cannot even be snarky or sassy or cynical at all about any of this because I don’t know about y’all, but I felt some REAL emotions during The Bachelorette finale.

I know this show is just ridiculous 90% of the time and their relationship success rate is just sad, but COME ON. You could not watch this episode without feeling like Shawn and Kaitlyn were really, really, really in love!

I was straight giddy watching that proposal and every moment they were on screen. I am so excited to stalk them with all of my might until the end of time!

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Man, I don’t even want to think about any of the sad stuff for long, so let’s make this quick and get on to the important things — like using praise hand emoji for Kaitlyn’s mom, Leslie, and remembering things like how Shawn has a golden retriever!

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Here are the 10 Worst Things That Happened on The Bachelorette: Finale

10. Wait, they ALWAYS show the proposal again on the After the Final Rose. That was the best one we’ve ever had! Why didn’t we get to see it again? Feeling cheated hard.

9. STOP talking about the preexisting relationship between Nick and Kaitlyn. How much more can we possibly talk about this? (Please don’t actually ask that because they’ll figure out a way to bring it up again.)

8. Oh boy, my heart started to break for Nick during the scene waiting for Neil Lane, worrying it would be Kaitlyn dumping, a la Andi. I’m obviously not a fan of the dude, but he clearly was very invested in the relationship and took a big chance to get hurt so publicly again.


6. I really hope you weren’t taking shots every time Kaitlyn or Nick talked about their connection. If you were, I’ll happily contribute to your crowd-source page to pay for your medical bills.

5. Why did they make us watch this 10 minute segment where Nick and Shawn “confront” each other? We’re so far over it, you guys.

4. Chris Harrison was doing some heavy-handed hosting last night. Nick was trying to say The Bachelorette wasn’t fun—he would never come on unless it was for real. But no no, Chris Harrison is not allowing it. Want to complain about the editing? You best shut your face.

3. The scene where Kaitlyn dumps Nick was rough central. First, it was written all over her face that she wasn’t choosing him and he just couldn’t tell. Second, I love the girl, but she did let it go a little far. Third, I know you wanted to explain yourself, but just let him go, girlfriend.

2. Nick angrily throwing his Claddagh ring across the limo is like when I threw my hairbrush at a mirror when my hair looked bad. Except I was 14 and he’s 34.

1. OMG Nick’s little sister Bella crying, I can’t handle. DON’T SHOW HER DUMPING NICK AGAIN IT WAS TOO HARD TO WATCH THE FIRST TIME.


Let’s move on to some happier thoughts!

Could anyone be more of champ than Kaitlyn’s mom Leslie was? I’ve never seen a Bachelorette/Bachelor family member ask such tough questions of the last two contestants. Some of my favorite moments:

  • Just immediately to Nick she asks, “why are you here?”
  • She straight tells Nick that she had a bad opinion of him and wants to know what Kaitlyn sees in him.
  • She pushes Shawn to see if he’s going to be crazy or not. (Spoiler–he’s not!)
  • And! She trusts her daughter enough to say she’ll support her in whatever makes her happy.


Other random things that I feel are really important to cover:

  • Sick burn, Andi. Sick burn.

Screen Shot 2015-07-27 at 11.16.39 PM

  • Shawn asks Kaitlyn’s mom and dad for their blessing at the same time. This is what we call a gentleman feminist and they are my favorite kind of feminists.
  • Kaitlyn: “Do you have sunscreen on?” Shawn: “I do, thanks mom.”
  • This snapchat situation, you guys. Can Shawn teach me how to best draw a heart on snapchat? Mine are always janky.
  • She is one smitten kitten. Did you watch her swoon when he said he couldn’t wait to defend his girl?

Well, guys, that’s it for this season. It has been a true honor recapping this ridiculous show with y’all. Thank you for reading along! I’ll see you here recapping The Bachelor so soon.



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