What I’m Reading Lately: Women Writers

Lately, I’ve been making an effort to primarily read books written by women, ideally women of color. This isn’t to say that there aren’t so many amazing books I want to read written by men (I saw Amor Towles just […]

The Bachelor Recap: Women Tell All

How is everyone feeling at the end of HOUR NINE of Bachelor land content this week? Oh, you were sane and didn’t watch Bachelor Winter Games? Actually Winter Games was more charming than this actual show, but yikes, that is […]

The BORED Bachelor Recap

This episode took me so, so long to watch because I was so, so bored. I do not care about Arie at all, still. I honestly feel like I’m letting y’all down as a recapper because as much as I […]

The Bachelor Recap: Swirling Doubts

It’s the week before hometowns and I don’t think any of these women have strong enough relationships with Arie to introduce them to their families, but alas, I am only your friendly neighborhood recapper, not the one handing out roses. […]

The Bachelor Recap: Florida Fits

Welcome to Fort Lauderdale! A city that really shelled out some dollars for this #sponsoredcontent! We’re halfway through? Already?? I am both shocked and pleased by this revelation (get me out of this season and onto the next, PLEASE). This […]

Six Months with Malcolm

I seem to struggle with writing about Malcolm now that he’s here. When I start to, I just vomit clichés, partly because I really, honestly do love him so much it hurts and different variations of that expression seem to […]