My Sweet Ella Belle

Ella is my adorable and perfect two year old Golden Retriever. I love her so very much, it’s hard to explain. But I want to try.

I brought Ella home when she was six weeks old. (I don’t want to hear it, crazy dog people of the internet!) I met her when she was four weeks old and immediately knew she was my little puppy soul mate forevermore.  She was this beautiful angel who was playful and a little wild with the other puppies, but let me cuddle her to my chest without wiggling away. Knowing ahead of time that this puppy’s main duty was to give me cuddles whenever I wanted, this was the moment I knew she was mine.

ella puppy

Everyone told me I was insane for getting a six week old Golden Retriever all by myself in a D.C. apartment while I worked full time and tried to finish college.  And it definitely was stressful thinking about potty training and crate training and leash training and socializing and all the millions of things you do for your puppy companions to make them the best and happiest they can be. But as soon as I was lucky enough to call her mine, everything fell into place.

sleeping ella


Here are some of my favorite things about Ella. 

She is SO cuddly. I think I trained a lot of this into her, but there’s some of it you’re just born with.  My 65 pound dog thinks she’s a lap dog and it’s the best.  She’ll lay across you when you’re napping, and curl up right next to you at night. She even puts her little head on your feet when you’re getting ready and reaches out her paw to stop your leg if you walk by without petting her. And gosh, she makes this little happy grunt sound when she’s getting pets and I’d do anything for more grunts. She’s got me wrapped HARD around her little paw — resting her head on my tummy when she doesn’t want us to get up or giving me the saddest eyes you can imagine when I stop petting.

ella cuddle


Ella’s also a straight attention whore. She wants to be absolutely everyone’s best friend, whether you want to or not. Basically, if we’re passing you on the street, or in our building lobby, or at the vet, or legitimately anywhere, she is screaming out in puppy language, “HI HI HI HI HI HI HI!” If you decide to smile at her, well, then I’m sorry, you’re not allowed to judge me when she lunges at you screaming “PET ME.” Homegirl knows what a smile means.

ella attention


Ella is a pack dog. I know this because my cute boyfriend researches everything and watched hours and hours of Cesar Milan videos. (I read one 30 page book and called it a day.) She loves having a pack of people or dogs or anyone be in a group with her. She’s happiest when she’s surrounded by people she loves. Are you people?? She loves you!! But, so the rough side of this — try walking down the street with more than one person. “SO WILD MUST MAKE SURE EVERYONE IS KEEPING UP ARE WE ALL HERE OH NO WE LOST SOMEONE MUST ALL STOP MOVING IMMEDIATELY I LOVE MY PACK!”



Ella can be so wild that I literally just laugh and am glad no one is watching me. Sometimes we walk down the hallway to go out and she starts jumping ON THE WALLS. It’s so bizarre and Warren doesn’t allow it, but hello, I allow all forms of adorableness.

happy ella


Okay, so she might be the most spoiled dog of a non-millionaire ever. Some examples: she has a rain coat and snow boots and gets approximately three new stuffed animal friends she destroys within minutes each month. She eats this fancy, pure dog food that Warren ships in from a free-range farm in Canada and I’m not lying, he plans what type of meat-based kibble she should be eating based on the season. Also, she’s had two full-on birthday parties in the last two years. I baked her a freaking cake for crying out loud. But if you spent any time with her, you’d be doing the same. Take it from Warren, who claims he didn’t want a dog but now loves Ella so much. TOO BAD I ALWAYS WIN.



Hey, guys, looks aren’t all that matter or anything, but have you seen how beautiful she is? It’s actually remarkable to watch her sometimes. She is like this movie dog I dreamt up so I can stare at her and feel calm all the time.

ella beautiful

But let’s be honest, she can also be crazy weird. She likes to lie in the most inconvenient locations — like by the toilet, or right behind Warren’s rolling desk chair. She tries to stand on top of me when she’s scared or nervous and just full on sits down in the street if she’s over a run. And lately, she’ll be SO excited to go into the groomer to get pets and then FREAK OUT when they take her back. Like, hello, didn’t you realize this was happening the whole time? Also, hi, this GIF again (any excuse for this GIF again).



She is just about the sweetest being in this whole wide world. I can’t believe that I get to come home every day to the most cheerful blonde beauty who worships and loves me. She has been the same weird little cuddle monster I fell in love two years ago every single day. And for that, I’m the luckiest girl in the world.



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