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Hi! I’m Alice McAlex(ander) and I’m so happy to welcome you to my little corner of the internet. AliceMcAlex is about everything I love: TV (both bad and good), Books (both pretentious and beachy), Puppies (but especially mine), Boys (just the one).

Here, I’ll write about:
  • the dumb stuff– which Bachelor “stars” you should follow on Instagram and which aren’t worth it;
  • the hard stuff– how shitty it is when your mom has cancer;
  • the good stuff– how to get your boyfriend to make you the best margaritas in the world, and;
  • the most important stuff-  what Blue Ivy has been up to lately.
A few things about me:
  • I’m super weird about my hair. No, really–this blog was almost called “What’s my hair doing?”
  • I “joke” that I birthed my puppy (a two-year-old Golden Retriever named Ella) because I legitimately love her as much as if I did.
  • My boyfriend Warren is Canadian, but I still love him anyways. (Who am I kidding–they get six-plus months maternity leave in Canada, let’s all move there.)
  • I once met Anna Wintour and I was very scared.
  • I’m always the least flexible one at yoga and the runner who is thoroughly uninterested in any distance over 3 miles.
  • Harry Potter and I have the same birthday so that’s pretty legit.
I live in Hoboken and work in Manhattan and I’m just going to be real–it’s not my city. But you can like me anyways.


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