Everything Is Better When You’re Engaged

This past Saturday, my sweet Warren proposed and I said yes. He did it in the most perfect way, in the most perfect place—making the dreams of an obsessive rom-com watcher come true. Boy, if I didn’t try to ruin it over and over, though.

Our engagement story is a little different. We’ve been talking about marriage for at least a year and since I have control issues, I got to come with Warren to our jeweler to design my perfect engagement ring with a family stone (thanks, mom’s great grandfather, for being a jeweler). I knew he had a ring and I knew he was going to ask. We’d even decided on when-ish we were going to get married and had numerous debates on the size of our bridal party. But he still managed to surprise me.

Warren spent the summer distracting me, making me think he was going to ask while we were travelling, and pretending that he was putting it off until I had more vacation time. (He even went as far as making fake travel arrangements to Milan, Italy.) Not one for patience, I pestered him non-stop and threw at least two fits.

All the while, he’d been planning a visit for my parents and his parents to Hoboken. He tricked me into thinking everything was my idea, so I never suspected anything. Friday night, when nothing had happened during our fancy dinner, I was sure my instincts were right-this wasn’t the weekend. When we got home from dinner, I got an email from my favorite bookstore (and I really love bookstores), Little City Books, letting me know that I had a free book and gift for buying the book club book that month. I was obviously very excited, because I love free stuff (especially books!) and feeling special.

On Saturday morning, I almost didn’t do my hair–rain was coming that afternoon. Eventually, Warren manipulated me into doing it, because he knew I would be very disappointed to get engaged with my hair in a ponytail. We bickered (okay, I bickered), because he felt we weren’t going to be ready for brunch with our parents on time and I knew I would be. Then we hopped in an Uber (my sister and brother-in-law in tow) to meet them for brunch, totally on time.

Instead, we stopped at Little City Bookstore. I was so confused that we were stopping. We were going to be late for brunch! Everyone would think it was my fault! Why were we here now when I wanted to bring our parents to see the store later? Always a charmer, I crankily said all these things to Warren in a not lovely tone.

Then my sister practically forced me to pick up my free book and gift (from the email I received). When I pulled out the book, instead of one from Little City, I found one written and illustrated by Warren. And that’s when I knew.

In the sweetest way possible, his book told our story and though I barely processed anything on the first read (I was trying not to cry), I now have it memorized. My favorite page is when he drops down to one knee, but watching him actually do it was even better.


I’m the luckiest girl for being so known and so loved and so spoiled. And I love being engaged. Here’s a list of things that are just better when you’re engaged:

  • Commuting to work: “Hi, it’s okay–I know you probably did mean to invade my personal space because you find yours more important, but I don’t mind. Did you see my beautiful engagement ring sparkling on the handrail?”
  • Answering emails: Would I be the rudest if I started all of my emails with, “I hope you had a great weekend. I GOT ENGAGED DURING MINE!!”?
  • Waking up: When I complained to Warren on Monday that I wanted to sleep all day, he reminded me that I couldn’t plan a wedding if I was asleep and I immediately jumped out of bed.
  • Getting dressed: Everything goes with a diamond! It’s so fun to put the diamond back on! Should I do my hair today so it looks pretty with the diamond?
  • Doing the dishes: “Sorry, I can’t do the dishes because I don’t want to hurt my ring.”
  • Pinterest: Be honest. There’s no better use for Pinterest than obsessing over flower arrangements. I already have three wedding boards.
  • Getting corrected: It’s my favorite thing when I accidentally call Warren my boyfriend and then someone gets to gleefully remind me that he’s my fiancé.
  • Social Media: I mean, obviously. Hello, this is my first Facebook relationship and it’s a legit one.
  • Literally everything: I didn’t think anything would be better than getting to date Warren. He makes me happy every single day. And now I get to spend the rest of my life with him. And everyone gets to know it.

I love you, sweetest Warren. Here’s to forever.


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