On Feeling Lost

I’ve been feeling a little lost lately. When I try to articulate it or explain it, it’s not too profound and even as I write this, I have no uplifting thing to say at the end about suddenly feeling so […]

Our Perfect Wedding: Signed, Sealed, Delivered

Oh boy, you guys, WARREN AND I ARE MARRIED! This past Saturday, with our dearest family and friends, we had the most perfect Beyoncé/Southern-themed wedding. (I’m joking. Please, men- you do not have themes for weddings, stop torturing your poor […]

Things I Have in Common with Beyoncé

This week was Beyoncé’s 35th birthday. She’s officially old enough to run for President! Do you think she’ll save us from our national nightmare and run someday? No, she definitely won’t. I love Beyoncé so much, sometimes it’s hard to […]